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    Retera's Model Studio

    Thanks for the suggestion Bogdan, that fixed the issue! No more idle animations for these wolves
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    Retera's Model Studio

    i'm trying to delete a few animations from a native model using the Edit/delete model components script and am running into an error. im very inexperienced with model editing, but i didn't see anyone with the same error or a similar issue. sorry if this has already been answered in another way...
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    Power-up Orbs pack

    i just swapped out a bunch of native assets i'd been using for 5 assets from your powerup pack and they look great. the powerups look distinct and like something the player can interact with my main suggestion is that a few of the powerups are indistinct / hard to see inside their orb at...
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    lol goddamn they stole my idea

    lol goddamn they stole my idea
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    Escape Dream World v1.4

    thanks man, that's always nice to hear
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    [General] Moving a centre of map - IMPORTANT

    lol yeah, probably not an easy lift. i dont have any leads besides giving you more specifics on what you're looking for, sorry i think your maps setup might work to your advantage to just use the WE though. the water area at the bottom is easy to work with because its essentially a big...
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    [General] Moving a centre of map - IMPORTANT

    almost all the things you place in the WE - terrain, units, doodads, etc - have a location. this position is relative to the center of the map [0, 0], and relies on the center not moving. you won't be able to move the center using the map size and camera bounds UI because its been designed to...
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    Escape Dream World v1.4

    Version 1.4 should address the desync issues that some players have been experiencing since patch 1.32.5 at the start of multiplayer games. Please note that in game mode selection is now only available in single player. See the tab on Game Modes for more details The other major improvement is...
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    Escape Dream World v1.4 (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    The Legend of Ergl 1.1

    i played this on 1.32, so i had some bugs with mouse events, but this was still sick. bullet hells on wc3 is bliss. i thought you had all the right controls, keeping it simple with move+attack+jump felt really nice. i bet having an occasional ice/sliding levels would have been a lot of fun as a...
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    Somewhere Across Nowhere

    idk man it sounds like you just wanted to be mean about a game that im not even sure why you played. do you like this mazes in general? i guess your gut feeling might be useful to know, but when you say things so harshly without trying to give reasonable insight to what you didn't like its hard...
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    ULVEN v1.2

    wait this was so cool. i loved your combat system, and im always down for some dark souls vibe chaining moves together felt pretty smooth, and the effect for a successful block was great. there were so many nuances with buffs and aux moves going on that went way over my head. the content being...
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    [Solved] GetLocalPlayer and Special Effect visibility

    as a side note, it used to potentially desync the wc3 string cache when you reference a string for the first time in a local player block (i think it still does). since this suggestion won't change anything functionally, it can't hurt to twist your setup a little bit just to play it safe...
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    Reputation (+4): (Post) thanks for sharing

    Reputation (+4): (Post) thanks for sharing
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    Interfaces and Structs

    i think Icemanbo and Zwie are right. i think you're going to have to drop the alternate constructors from your base class entirely. i understand the appeal from a syntax perspective, but i don't think you can make them work with the JASS language. you need to maintain inheritance via create...