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  • Hey Sellenisko, I'm using your Draenei Anchorite model in my map but it's a hero model and not a unit and I was wondering if you could make a unit version or give me permission to request someone else to do it? I'd greatly appreciate it since it's an epic model and like I said if you don't want to do it yourself this is also a request for permission to request someone else to do it.
    Hi Sellenisko, hope your are doing well!, I've been looking at your albums, and a saw the "Windrunner General" I was wondering if you could send me the model. Keep up the good work!
    Dude i think im done with War3 but if they ever gonna release warcraft 4 and youre still into modelling and worgen thingies or whatever, we really have to recreate our worgen map! Make it even more awesome than before!
    Based on the fact that the private messages don't seem to work i have to message you here: i edited one of your models. My modelling skills are not very special... actually they are bad ^^... anyway maybe you want to have a look on it.

    If you want me to delete the picture than just tell me.

    Ps. I would appreciate it to know what you think about my edited models.
    Just dropping by to say I'm really digging the looks of your upcoming and current models. Particularly the Vrykul ones. Hope you keep up the good work!
    I don't mean to bother you and this isn't a request, just a question in general. Do you plan on finishing your Vrykul buildings?
    Hi. Sellenisko! Can I have the permission to ask someone to edit your Draenei Huntress model?
    Happy Birthday! (Happy Birthday!)

    <span style="font-size: 12px">Here is a cake.</span>

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    Can you, please, answer me, because i plan to upload the model, i will give credits. It's very rude of you for not answering. Have a good day. ;)
    Can I use the animations from your Beowulf? I will give credits, ofc.
    I mean, can i have permission to upload model with its anims?
    I already figured out how to export ms3d to mdx with its animations by putting the right comment...
    But i dont know why the vertex weight lost when ms3d was converted to mdx..
    Hi there Sellenisko! Just wanted to check back with you and ask: has theres been any progress on the Princess Nuala hero or the Azhara model?
    Oh yeah, we are pretty close by then :p I've heard lots of great things about Prague, mostly from my brother who's been there a couple times when Danish high schools "invaded" the city (I'm guessing you'd know about these events, as I hear the Danish youth were quite the pestilence).
    Oh, yeah, Budapest is great. Pretty much all the buildings have some kind of fancy decoration. And the night life here is crazeh xP
    Come to think of it, I don't think I actually know where you live :p
    Thanks :D
    I'm really looking forward to seeing what you've done with the Gronn!
    I recently moved to Budapest for an internship, and I didn't get the chance to buy a laptop before moving here, so I don't have a computer where I'll be able to do any skinning (or gaming for that matter). So right now my plans are pretty much non-existant, at least untill a relative comes to visit, who'd then be able to bring a computer with them :/ This also means that I won't be able to do the color variations (at least not before I get back home, where I have the texture in all its layers and all).
    You are referring to these trees, yes?

    I am the creator of them, so I'll just send them directly.
    My friend made a request to essentially recreate 'LotR: War of the Ring' on Wc3, so I went about playing WotR on one screen and modeling on the other, so far these trees, a bush, and an uruk are what I've got.

    Here is a screenshot of the game.


    I've been having a bad time compressing my textures, so they are of much lower quality in wc3, until I can find another way at least.

    The Spruce tree isn't animated, I'll be working on that soon.

    Here are the trees in their current state.
    sorry, no progress has been made so far. i've been focusing on starting university :/ i'll try start working on it next weekend
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