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Apr 9, 2015
Apr 30, 2011

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TimeToRapeYou, from Romania

SeekAndDestroy was last seen:
Apr 9, 2015
    1. MiniMage
      You're hearby removed as the terrainer of my project due to inactivity.
    2. MiniMage
      Hello, my good sir. You've been offline on skype and thus I've been unable to contact you.
      How are you doing? Have you by any chance had some time over to work on the terrain?

      If not, what about spending some time helping me on this weekend? Preferably while logged in on skype, so we can chat as we mod.
      Make the whole thing a bit more social and whatnot, unless it's too distracting, that is.
    3. MiniMage
      So, should I PM you the map instead? I was expecting you to get on skype yesterday, but you didn't log on.
    4. MiniMage
      I'm using Skype though. I don't use Yahoo Messenger. Skype is far superior.
      My skype username is "Christofer.laurell"
    5. MiniMage
      SeekAndDestroy, my good sir. It appears Naze has come down with the sudden case of employment. As good as that may be for him, this means he can obviously not terrain, which means that his answer doesn't really matter. If you're still in the mood to terrain for me, just send me a reply.
    6. MiniMage
      Hey, just thought I'd ask around when I see good terrainers here. I saw some of your work and figured I'd ask you, although work has already been done on the terrain. I know of some terrainers that treated working a map that someone else had worked on as a grave sin for some reason. Anyhow, since I need someone with experience to finish the last parts, I figured I'd ask you.

      As a compromise, because I can't really await the development of an entirely new terrain map. Thus, you're free to modify existing parts of the terrain if you feel it looks better with your tweak.

      Here's a link to the project. Send me a reply if you're interested or not.

      The reason I want a reply even if the case would be that you're not interested, it's to let me know to stop pestering you about something you don't want to take part in.

      Anyhow, I intend to contact multiple terrainers at your level of skill. Hopefully at least one of them is in the mood to help me. Hell, you may even know a few of them. Anyhow, here's to hoping.

    7. MasterHaosis
    8. tobyfat50
      Here is a really simple technique I made a long time ago for adding extra light to objects. It's A good technique if you know how to use it and it can produce results like this. [/IMG]"][IMG].[/HIDDEN] I'm still using it today.
      Also you should make some tree destructibles with a invisible model for shadow on the ground terrain it's the only way of making shadows wor wc3 terrain except for the calculation shadows.
    9. tobyfat50
      Multumesc pt compliment dar nu este mare lucru, sunt curios cu ce te ocupi tu. Eu nu prea am timp asa ca as prefera sa-mi trimiti niste mesaje private cu lucrarile tale.
    10. tobyfat50
      Interesant, sa fiu interceptat de un frate roman. Cine esti?
    11. Almia
      Duh. There is a thread.

      Off-Topic > Cycle Of Life.
    12. Almia
      -Grendel is dead now bro
      Useless asking him
    13. Sir_Astral
      Try playing Zuka's Journey!
      Master the power of elements and defeat Aragnia!
    14. Bernkastel
    15. UndeadImmortal
      oops sorry, wrong vm hehe
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