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Feb 28, 2020 at 5:42 AM
Dec 2, 2012
May 15, 1998 (Age: 21)
United States, Delaware

SeedinAethyr — Spam Moderator

Moderator, Male, 21, from United States, Delaware

Staff Member
SeedinAethyr was last seen:
Feb 28, 2020 at 5:42 AM
    1. Kithraya
      Don't look. It's too sexy. xD
    2. morbent
    3. morbent
      Thanks Seed :D!
    4. Hell_Master
      Okay and not just that Im near on One Snow gem + Two blue gem indicating 900 REP...lol!
    5. Faith
      About wintaer, lol because she just does. ;p
    6. Faith
      Wow I never knew that was there. :p Thanks(:
    7. Faith
      Lol thank you. (:
      Yep, only 1750. Something like that. >_>
    8. Faith
      OMG!! Congratz!!@# (:
      Pretty soon you'll have a gold gem. ;p
    9. Faith
      Shanks. :3
      Much obliged. 'o.O
    10. Kithraya
      Thank you. :) Well, I'm looking someone with interesting and fresh ideas. For secondary characters etc., etc. I could do it by myself, but it might be cool. :D

      If you feel good in this, you might help. :)
    11. DZerpic
    12. Vunjo
      Thank you :D
    13. Plasma Boy
      Plasma Boy
      No, not rigth now, I'm way to busy with my studies to do anything else, but I don't know what else could I do, besides working on balance issues, such as the "clash of the titans" event, which tends to be more defining than what I would like it to be, specially with the introduction of the Mountain Giant, Scourge of the Heavens, Exarch of War and the freaking Emerald Dragon.
    14. MiniMage
      Thanks man.
    15. Horselord12
      Thank you the birthday greeting! :D
    16. Daffa
      I read your conversation and Legal, have we told you, we recommend not to write a block of text due to its hard to read and to remember [you have start to use less text blocks by using caps, I like your review in you and Legal's conversation] , oh yeah, whenever you make a review, I recommend save it in a notepad as a backup whenever you got connection issue, so no need for unnecessary re reviewing :)

      ~Daffa the Mage
    17. Legal_Ease
      Hey Legal... about that review. I had written a huge block of text and was proofreading it... and then the webpage expired. I hit the back arrow to go back to private messaging and all my text was gone. I don't feel like writing that review again, so I'll just say every bug that I encountered:
      Exemplar's model was deleted.
      Valkyrie is unchooseable.
      The AI for Night Elves orders stuff around when I'm playing. Perhaps you should put a trigger that says if player 2 slot is not occupied, enable the AI triggers.
      Humans don't seem to have an AI.
      You did not eneable fixed starting positions for players 1 and 2, allowing them to switch places.
      Lots of tooltip errors.
      More doodads for the terrain! It's sort of boring.
      Make creeping more worthwhile. It's sort of useless to creep since experience in the middle lane is much easier and faster, and if you don't stay middle your opponent will push your forces back.
      Maybe you can just trash your current AI, and just make two invisible builder units, one for blue and one for red. If red is unoccupied, kill blue's builder and move red's builder to his start location and order him to make buildings at pre designated times. Same with blue. Also remember to kill the builder unit if the townhall dies.
      Stuff I liked:
      Heroes were nice.
      It's cool how you can customize your attack waves.
      I hate losing stuff, too. Thanks for rewriting the review. So I have a few questions for when you get the time to respond. No rush obviously.
      1. Exemplar now replaced.
      2. I always choose Valkyrie when testing, how is she unchoosable?
      3. AI still in the works, not even close to finished.
      4. Thanks, I fixed the starting locations, good catch!
      5. Tooltips are not done as spells and units may be subject to change.
      6. Hmmm, more doodads... I will look into this. Anything come to mind? What would you like to see?
      7. Creeping is the only way to buy more powerful items (like orbs and enchanted weapons) which might very well determine the outcome of a game. What could I do to increase the benefit of creeping? I do want creeping to be a useful aspect to the game.
      8. I will trash the current AI! I will look up making invisible builders. I have never heard of that but it makes sense.

      What did you think of the item carry system? 3rd person cam system?
    18. Legal_Ease
    19. Chocowaffles
      Why thank you :3
    20. Legal_Ease
      Sure PM it to me. It can't be that bad.
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    May 15, 1998 (Age: 21)
    United States, Delaware
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    US East
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    Spam Moderator
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