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Sep 23, 2019 at 4:27 AM
Dec 2, 2012
May 15, 1998 (Age: 21)
United States, Delaware

SeedinAethyr — Spam Moderator

Moderator, Male, 21, from United States, Delaware

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SeedinAethyr was last seen:
Sep 23, 2019 at 4:27 AM
    1. Amargaard
      Does that give me the right to brag? None of us should brag, no matter what, but we can always show off our work - or share our cakes with fellow Hivers :3
      And agreed, the cupcakes are nothing compared to this deliciousness you made me!
      *Cuts off a slice and starts eating*
      .. Oh, right, forgot to ask - want some? :)
    2. Amargaard
      Thanks good sir, I must say that I admire your cake decorating skills - it's very beautiful and colorful! Lovely ^^
    3. elredir
      Thank you!
    4. Formidable10
      Sorry for the late reply but thanks for the warm welcome. If I need anything I will let you know.
    5. CoLd Bon3
      CoLd Bon3
      Whoa! I like this cake. Thanks! ^^
    6. Hell_Master
      Thank you SeedinAethyr for the compliment and I agreed to what the user below me said.
    7. PlankingWolf
      You know, I'd actually want you to become a moderator.
    8. Naze
      Thank you for the wishes and the cake! Revenants ftw
    9. Gold1
      Yeah I guess. Happened in 2009 but its all good.
    10. Glitzage
    11. Kam
      I'm not sure about that. The tradeoff for the worker setup is being able to create one anywhere on the map there is blight. Secondly if you research Cede they can be a useful melee unit, although that is later game. Lumber cost is how I am keeping the Lost from being able to completely out-produce enemy players.

      I thought lifesteal for units with Essence would be a good addition. I could do a flat HP increase per hit or a %.

      I am curious of what you, as someone who is not developmentally familiar with the Lost, see their race going? What would you like to see? Is there a unit you find redundant or not fun?
    12. Kam
      Have you had a chance to play the latest version? I'm curious to read your response. As of now this is the current change log as well for the next release:

      Collateral Destruction references Scorch instead of Immolation
      Terminus Cruxs can be repaired
      Pressure Mine replaced with Fire Burst
      Fire Support mana cost reduced from 90 to 65, and cooldown from 25 to 15
      Hopper now has Ale Screen
      Cleansing Beams damage reduced from 150/200 to 75/140
      Dematerialize mana cost reduced from 80 to 60
      Hopper spell animation fixed
      Conflagration replaced with Corpse Burn
      Unit movement art speeds now match real movement speeds

      I have also been considering making Essence return health for damage dealt as an incentive to engage in combat off blight. What do you think?
    13. Monzaru
      Thanks for that greetings message :D
    14. Shadow Fury
      Shadow Fury
      I'm a guy, so "his reviews". Thnx fgor the rep btw :)
    15. Legal_Ease
      No problem. You deserve it!
    16. SeedinAethyr
      I feel god damn awful.
      I've got this flu-like virus and I threw up three times today and was forced to stay in bed the whole day because I found it too difficult to move.
      EDIT (Friday): I'm feeling so much better! I can walk and eat food and actually do stuff! My parents are still making me skip school though.
    17. ArthasDark
      Thanks for the cake man,sorry that i didnt see it but wasnt online for a long time.
    18. Maestros
      hahaha, thanks mate, it was very tasty!
    19. Gold1
      Thank you
    20. Chen
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    United States, Delaware
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    US East
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