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Apr 10, 2020 at 5:11 AM
Dec 2, 2012
May 15, 1998 (Age: 21)
United States, Delaware

SeedinAethyr — Spam Moderator

Moderator, Male, 21, from United States, Delaware

Staff Member
SeedinAethyr was last seen:
Apr 10, 2020 at 5:11 AM
    1. kakuzu
      To be honest i remember that you left me a vm with welcome to hive
    2. StoPCampinGn00b
      I'd love to see you find some pending maps I can approve just based off of your reviews.
    3. Silly Lil Ant
      Silly Lil Ant
      Thank you :D
    4. jonath
      I'm sorry for the ultimately delay in response..XD
      didn't have much time to access my hive account..
      anyway, thanks and I hope to be able to ask help when it comes to WE.. for now I'm just a simple terrainer and cinematic maker.XD

      EDIT: many thanks for the cake and present.. though the present doesn't want to open, so I'll leave it be..XD
    5. Garfield1337
      Thanks, man.
    6. deathknight2000
    7. sonofjay
    8. StoPCampinGn00b
      Hmm, I lied about 'Goodbye Hive'. Are your map reviews still in the hospital?
    9. Lord Stormblade
      Lord Stormblade
      Thank you for the cake and present, Seedin!! I've been gone from the Hive (and pretty much the entire social landscape) since sometime in January. Nothing serious happened, just needed a break. Got myself back into mapping a few months ago, lots of stuff being worked on! I'm hoping by the end of this year, I'll have another 8-15 maps posted online. AoS Theramore is soon to be released and it's VERY different than the 1st release almost a year ago. Anyway, enough on all that! How have you been? How's everything going by you? I'll be around more often again, once I get done turning the living room into a winter wonderland as I do each year :D
    10. Johnromar09
      haha! Late Thanks Again. :D
    11. Skitoritto
    12. LichKing21
      Well i think its very late for this but: Thanks a lot for saying happy birthday :P. I had some real life issues and couldn't get on the hive.
    13. Yan
      thx for the present,
      i see that you improved the message
    14. knight820
      Thank you for the cake!
      And the present too :)
    15. Hebert09
      Haha its all good. Going to take a week or so before I release it. Game time is down to 30 mins and is much funner. Take your time i will let you know when it drops. Just hoping to get better review ;)
    16. Hebert09
    17. Plasma Boy
      Plasma Boy
      Hey thanks fot the feedback, I'm still testing some stuff. I removed Divine Wrath because it gets dispelled too many times, but you are right about Rain of Fire, the AI uses it a lot and even though it helps sometimes you can't use it on something you wan't, so I might change it to something else. About the Demon Shrine regenerating aura, I disagree is a bit necessary since towers are so much weaker now, so in the early game it prevents enemy towers from taking too much punishment and make enemy bases harder to conquer. The great clash event is not an event that is supposed to have a great impact on the game, it is what it should be, the thing is that many times the opposing forces at the clash might end up nullifying each other, but sometimes if the heroes intervene you might crush the oposing enemies and head on to attack the enemy base aided by giants and if for some reason they crush the forces summoned by your faction, your base might end up losing several towers and sometimes even lose, I lost once because of that true story.

      About the villains and chaos bosses, I'm still testing them but I have been able to win in normal and hard with several normal and divine heroes and in normal even with full house mode activated, being able to vanquish all bosses and sometimes without much aid of allied units, but I will test it more to see if they really need to be nerfed even more, because in the previous version I should admit it was really crazy but in the current version I have been able to beat them. About the difficulty I see what I can do but keep this in mind, the difficulty setting depends also on how you choose to play the game, if you play in normal with all allied computer heroes active, normal becomes almost easy, if you play it it is without the aid of computer heroes is a bit harder, and if you play it with full house mode active it becomes much harder and is the same for the rest of the difficulties, so is like there are different levels of difficulty within each regular level of difficulty, depending on the amount of active computer allied heroes and if the full house mode is active or not. Anyway thanks for your comment and I'll test the map a bit more, to see what tweaks I need to implement.
    18. Yammamoto
      Hey man, i just saw the cake that you send me on 03-27 today, but thank you and good to meet you! ;)
    19. Myrsta
      I'm not much for introductions, but cheers for the greeting :)
      One thing I would like to know is why my profile pic is still not appearing. Is there some sort of delay? Edit: Haha, profile pics and avatars are different things, nvm
    20. Marchioly
      So I have a question. I want to model a mesh in 3ds max. I then want to be able to transfer the animations from current units to this mesh. Is there a tool that supports skeleton creation or would I need to do that part in 3dsmax?
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    May 15, 1998 (Age: 21)
    United States, Delaware
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    US East
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