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    How to use walk animation? (Reforged)

    In Reforged, almost any model has a walk animation, different than the normal run animation in game. I try to use Animation- Play unit1<gens> "walk" animation. While I move the unit with a trigger. It doesn't work.
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    Custom Movie Tutorial (patch 1.30.1+)

    This work in Reforged?
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    Sylvanas Windrunner, The Banshee Queen

    Wow, that is amazing. Just needs a portrait
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    Creating Ghosts

    This still works on Reforged?
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    Zombie Knight Reforged

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    Custom Campaign in 1.32

    I have a project idea of a large custom campaign that I planned to realese in 4 parts. I made two maps, one of them probably the most ambitous of the entire campaign. But now I wonder that Warcraft 3 Reforged has not a custom campaign launcher. How can I fix this? Should I post every map for the...
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    Genn Greymane Remake

    11/10 Amazing
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    Genn Greymane Remake

    A portrait will be nice. I am trying to make a battle for Lordaeron map from BfA. And he talks a lot there
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    Vengance for Sen´jin

    What version do you play?
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    Make ally units dont abandon X area

    You see. I have a ally group that you supposed to support in my custom map. The problem is that every time that a enemy wave comes to attack they go to face it, and when they kill everyone, including the casters that are way far away they dont return to his original positions and they are caught...
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    Vengance for Sen´jin Classic (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    Vengance for Sen´jin

    Yes, I noticed that has well. My Zar´jira triggers are pretty basics, because I don´t have to much expierence in boss fights. I understond that she will cast all his abilities at once in the begginig, and kill most of your army, making the effort the player does until that point to keep them...
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    Vengance for Sen´jin (Map)

    Vengance for Sen´Jin Created by sebalarios Intro This is a single-player micro map scenario in campaign style. Play the Warcraft 3 prologue story-arc conclusion, told in Wow: Cataclysm in Warcraft 3 format. Guide the Darkspear tribe in his quest to avenge his deceased brothers and his former...
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    Vengance for Sen´jin (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    Tauren Youngblood

    "Remember Taurajo", lol