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    WoW WOTLK Updates

    Back to 40 man raids? No thanks, I don't want to remember having to wait for 10-15 scrubs always late for raids and having no clue what to do for boss fights.
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    First Wave of WotLK leaks

    Once again, Mecheon proves his superiority on the internet.
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    First Wave of WotLK leaks Reuses a video already released for the majority but rehashed to use the new title theme. Note that loading screens are leaked in the beginning. Models are leaked at very end (Arthas, Lich King, Magnataur, Frost giants, Female Broken...
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    Instances or Zones?

    MC 2.0 is not a dream.
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    Hypothesis: Ashbringer in Patch 2.4

    I have my doubts about the Ashbringer appearing in 2.4 being that a legendary bow has already been mentioned. Most likely the Ashbringer will appear in WotLK (or a future BC patch if it gets delayed.) What really caused the confusion was when Fairbanks mentions the son of Mograine residing in...
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    Terradreamer's Lore Characters

    Interesting pieces of artwork, if you call it art. Thought I might point out some misconceptions (Lothar should have grey hair, Medivh wasn't blonde.)
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    An Azeroth Flying Mount System Idea

    First off, what's the penalty system really meant to do? Reduce ganking? You can't gank enemy players in enemy territory to begin with. It's not like bored gankers can stop a lowbie from questing (unless it's harassing quest NPCs) or stop a casual from his daily errands. Otherwise, I find the...
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    Another bad expansion? (POLL)

    Making biased polls like this don't deserve votes at all. Who are you to say TBC sucks and WotLK will suck? Who are you judge that lore is completely ruined? Who are you to say game mechanics are poorly done? I don't know about you or anyone that posts around here, but seemingly my experience...
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    The Crusade is coming to an End.

    Kil'jaeden is half summoned as far as I know. Also, Kael is only available for the heroic version from what I know. So I'm guessing you don't actually kill Kil'jaeden but banish him instead. Now I'm curious how the Sunwell events are going to lead to WotLK.
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    WoW XP rate increase

    Sorry about the long response. Anyways, Merry Christmas:
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    WoW XP rate increase

    Updates like this give me an excuse to level an extra healer.
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    Pandaren joining the Alliance: Yes or no?

    And Tolkien took lore context from Norse mythology. Hate to say this, but it's somewhat pointless to argue about originality in most fantasy genres these days.
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    Good singleplayer RPGs?

    There were some good RPGs back then, but I don't remember any of them.
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    Tales of the Past III

    Revised my review. Enjoy.
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    My recent suggestion on the WoW Forums

    Confirmed for possibility of implement.