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    [Campaign] Tales of Arynetia

    The Imperial Army's Regiments and Divisions were the sub-factions that appears in the origins story before the events of the first book until it destroyed by the Ravagers. Therefore it has every users as Sigma Division had the Daerolan-infused weaponry and technologies, Doldrums Division have...
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    [Campaign] Tales of Arynetia: Faction Fact Ideas

    This is my idea of Faction Facts from the campaign called Tales of Arynetia professionally with every major and minor factions at each below of the post. For @Superfrycook, the faction fact ideas where based off GoldenYak's World of Warcraft fan fiction expansions and DudkiSC2's A War Story...
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    [Campaign] Tales of Arynetia

    CONCEPT FACT: Stygianic Corruption The Stygianic Corruption is the concept of Eldritch Legion owned by the Eldritch Gods' powers who has to corrupt it's individuals, in execption especially the immunity as Darren Korman who refused the corruption. The Stygianic Corruption lingers the manifest of...
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    [Campaign] Tales of Arynetia

    FACTION FACT: Descendants of Redstone The Descendants of Redstone are the faithful remnants of Redstone Mercenaries where the Baphomets have been fell influence to Demon Lords of the Eldritch Legion and the other dwarves have fallen to dismay for the Republic of Arynetia. The Forged Hand of...
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    Comment by 'SC2HayasuiArts' in media 'Wip Variants'

    Yeah, maybe the units of Palatinate Faction would be brought here for now.
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    Greetings, pal. Do you make Silithid, Nerubian and Aqir models from Battle for Azeroth?

    Greetings, pal. Do you make Silithid, Nerubian and Aqir models from Battle for Azeroth?
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    Comment by 'SC2HayasuiArts' in media 'BFWCR in the making'

    Of course, friend. You're making the missions of BFWCR story. Now I'll consider the dialogues to rip-off with the Legends of Arkain, the Turnro's campaign entries, A War Story and the BFWCR in the Tales of Arynetia.
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    [Campaign] Tales of Arynetia

    WORLD FACT: Yuggol Yuggol is the one of the five moons of Daeroloth that has been consumed by Chaos. Long ago the Eldritch God fell onto the planet of Yuggol and his monstrous spawn spilled out from where he fell, devouring the peoples and civilizations that once dwelled upon the world. When the...
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    [Campaign] Tales of Arynetia

    FACTION FACT: The Kunoichi The Kunoichi is an all-female elven race with dark skin, green eyes and blonde hair hailed from the wastes of Shiraumi Desert. Despite the Sisters of the Empire's calling act, they are the trans-gendered female appearance who have female bodies mixed with male genitals...
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    [Campaign] Tales of Arynetia

    CONCEPT FACT: Chain of Ascension The Chain of Ascension is the element of essence's bonds created by the Ravagers that worshipped the ruling queen Ynnilith where the breeds of the Ravager's strains have their cause of feudal magic. Ascendants have the special magic of nether that delivered the...
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    [Campaign] Tales of Arynetia

    WORLD FACT: Daeroloth Daeroloth is the homeworld of the Daerolans, a blue-skinned race with tails, horns and hooves, and have blue eyes. The Daeroloth was one of the many planets from the Great Beyond in the Void who resides the connection of Genesa and other planets and moons. The Daeroloth's...
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    [Campaign] Tales of Arynetia

    Yes, it has only 120 chapters separated to 20 chapters and 5 cinematics from the six books like the Legends of Arkain and Wanderers of Sorceria twist. Every 120 chapters from overall six books during the campaign which constantly splitted into 20 chapters via six books including the cinematics...
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    Cult of the Damned Bandits Re-Reforged

    Okay, I supposed Death Angels faction's units to replace the undead ground units with a nice look to the cultists.
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    Wind Viper

    Of course. The Phantom Revolt's Ptarmigans were fitly colored black for Winged Viper model. I guess the Ptarmigans could be added as well.
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    [Campaign] Tales of Arynetia

    FACTION FACT: The Ravagers The Ravagers are the band of insectoid-arachnid hybrid species created from the Eldritch Gods until the Benefactors betrayed the race due to stealing the essence to Ynnilith then thrown into the world until we that landed the Imperial court upon it's meteorite impact...