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    Cult of the Damned Bandits Re-Reforged

    Hey if it isnt asked to much, could you add a unmounted version of the rider please?
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    Sandfury troll (Farraki)

    Can you make more Sand Troll models? That would be awesome!
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    Nightelf Blademaster/Wardenguard Swordmaster (AoW)

    They look good, but i have a usully critisism about blade masters, don't get me wrong, but the should base of the blade masters with a sword rather then grommash that causes them to only swing with one hand which doesn't look optimal. The sword size is debateable, it doesn't have to be samuro's...
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    Cultist (living Skeleton Mage)

    looks cool, but it looks mirrored and i think it could have more offensive animations
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    Amani Blademaster

    Hey, i like the animations that the troll BM swings with both hands. But the legs are "foalting" and parts of the hip are "glitching" into the legs basicly i like it.
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    Blood Elf Blademaster/ High Elf Blademaster

    By Default the model seems good but, (all my criticism is meant to be on high level, i myself can not make models) the animations seem to be from Gromash, i seems weird that he wings mostly with one arm, and the angle of the sword seems odd because the blade of the axe that would be at this...
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    Tychus Hero Concept

    Your Coding looks cool but it seems but be more complex the that usuall JASS I encountered, where i can learn that level of coding?
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    Ballador the Bright

    nicely done, i first wasn't sure if he has a face on the screenshots but alright. Did you made the "blade mace" from Garithos' Axe? His second attack animation is the same as the first, i know that a lot of reforged models are strunggeling with this problem, is it possible to edit that?
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    Shandris Upright (Reforged Beta)

    Cool model, but the backround sound is a bit loud, how did you change the interface?
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    Hero Blood Elf Knight Mounted

    Looks great, how did you changed the interface?
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    Thalorien Dawnseeker (Request)

    Hello, I downloaded because i wanted to see what is different in the mode but i couldnt figure out what path i have to use, does he swing with 2hands?
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    Tauren Chief with Sword (Reforged)

    On my testing i noticed the following things: The sword disapears on the stomp animation and if i click on the unit the face does all weird stuff.
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    Kilrogg Deadeye (Reforged)

    I like the edit but it's still looks still very similar to Garthok. The basic edit/changes to Garthok are nice. I am not sure about the dagger at his back. The hair and beard should be black imo. Even if the whole model looks good by quality, his weapon is also not fitting with Garthoks mace...
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    Ner'zhul reforged (green and mag'har skin)

    The model looks great, but somehow i can only see the green version.
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    Laughing Skull Grunt

    Looks very cool, but the hair and the shoulderplate is change into team color everywhere, also the bones on it. But i like a lot that you made it so that both versions can be used together.