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Last Activity:
Sep 30, 2019
May 9, 2005
Home Page:
Maps can also be downloaded from my webpage.
"Wer sich nicht wehrt, der lebt verkehrt."


Maker, from Maps can also be downloaded from my webpage.

Say_No_To_War was last seen:
Sep 30, 2019
    1. M3TZ3L
      Hey, i don´t know if this is the right way to contakt you.
      i´m playing wc3 battle ship crossfire 4.7 and absolutely do not know how to reache the Hut of the Pirate Shop on the right side of the map. Do you know how to go there?

    2. Say_No_To_War
    3. NFWar
      Huh. Your username is oposide to mine. Mine: NeedForWar. Yours: Say_No_To_War.
    4. Say_No_To_War
      What did I ever do to you? Exept that my names shows that I dont have such an inhuman attitude towards the death of humans as you have! Did you ever hear about political tolerance of other opinions? Cant you just 'let it be'??

      Why you have to troll other peole? Seek a girl, get happy and get a life outside of trolling forums and chats!
    5. Say_No_To_War
      A victory in history? Are you really so blind not to see that I do not think in that primive attack-defense way as you do? It has nothing to do with "winning" - its just sad that people can be so stupid. The fact he is 14 years old is no excuse for spreading missing knowledge in chats. Rember: He said that I have to feel guilty for the crimes the fascist dictator of germany did - who died 66 years ago! Do all USA-Citizens have to feel guilty about the holocaust of the native americans? Or for the crimes of Mc Carthy, Regan and Bush? Did 'they' at least officially admit these crimes against humanity?
    6. Say_No_To_War
      Wazz maybe u didnt see but I already answered you twice to that in chat, now 3rd (and last) time: I DO NOT MAKE ANY MONEY WITH MY MAP! But many peole donated for the Battleships Crossfire so the server is finaced! I did not brag with it, I just told the facts about Battleships Crossfire. Sadly this seem to have caused grudgers to hate me for having success. Btw I am STILL the owner of the main copyrights of the map. Yes that its possible or could it be possible, that Adobe owns the copryrights of all picutres made with photoshop (with a § in the terms of use)? Can you understand that international law can be different then US-Law? I study law and worked together with a lawyer to take care of my copyrights and to get hacked versions of my map deleted from webpages (That is in the interest of all fair players!).

      Many ppl feel trolled by you: Do you ever reflect what you do in a critical way? Or are you unable to see that YOU are the problem?
    7. Tleno
      Yeah that's sad, I mean he was such a nice fellow earlier... I wonder what made him so... trollish...
    8. Wazzz
      Considering you're the one gloating about a victory over a 14 year old in history when you're supposedly 27, I'm going to say that if you feel trolled in any way, shape or form, it was done by you and you alone.
    9. Wazzz
      I don't troll. I simply asked if you made any money out of your map. Judging by how you avoided the question, I'm going to guess that you didn't and therefore have nothing to brag about. Too bad, eh?
    10. Say_No_To_War
      I do not think that I talk to myself justbecause I did not answer to your spam. I just ignored most of your sh**talk. And I boubt I missed anything. Btw I looked at your profile. lol. Seems as if I am not the only beeing trolled by you.
    11. Wazzz
      Ohhh, thaaaaat's why I didn't see any response. You talk to yourself. This surprises me.... why?

      I was never trolling. It was you, in fact, who was trolling yourself.

      Anyway, my questions involved wondering why you felt you were better than everyone else because you beat a 14 year old in a history lesson.
    12. Say_No_To_War
      Isnt it arrogance of the admins on hive to think that they would know better if dota is worthy to be approved then the thousands of players playing it each day?
    13. Say_No_To_War
      And YES austria is a seperate country! Scary u didnt know that but try to discuss about Hitler! Maybe read Wikipedia first.

      How did I act like an egoist? Because I ask when Battleships Crossfire will finally be approved after beeing rejected since 2009? Or because I didnt want to start a political discussion when going to the channel for a simple question???
    14. Say_No_To_War
      Well even if hitler was the leader of germany - what the hell have i to do with it? My grand-parents on mother side are social-democrats and refused to work for Hitler when they saw communists beeing shot on the barracs nearby. They only survived because they had a house and their own farming. On father side they have been lawyers and defended jews and were not allowed to work as lawyers anymore. I would not know how I have to feel guilty for s.th. stupid as bloodguiltiness - which is completely nonsense in any way.

      This "all germans are nazis" is an insult to the thousands of people who died in the resistance against the fascsist dictatorship and to those who still fight it today.

      And btw wherever you life I bet you would also have guiltiness in your blood!

      BTW all I was upset about was that people contiuned to spam me even I said several times I am not there for a discussion - and you was one of them!
    15. Say_No_To_War
      @wazz what questions? you mean your trolling included any serious questions? sry then ask them again in serious way and you ll get an answer. As I said about 3 times I did not enter that channel to start a discussion. I think if you search in internet for "political discussion forum" you will find some. I didn't know that hive is a political discussion forum.
    16. Deolrin
      Oh yeah, by the way, the whole thing about Germans was because you were so upset on people who talked about how "war is good". It was just funny to watch. I wanted to contribute myself. I thought that all Germans are Austrian, but apparently not. I thought Hitler was German, because, well, he was the national leader of Germany, why the hell SHOULDN'T he be German? :/
      But you were right on one thing; Yes, I really am a kid. Deal with it. Most of us are teenagers. The few who are not also happen to be extremely immature.
    17. Deolrin
      Don't get offended.
      Even if Ice_Frog himself would've come to the chat, basically the same thing would've happened.
      It's because of either of 2 reasons: 1) They know about you being famous, and are jealous of you, or 2) They have NO IDEA what "battleships crossfire" is and all they see is how you're acting like an egoist, so they have a good reason to laugh about you.
      I suggest you to try either one of those:
      1) The Bug Report forum.
      2) Report the buggy tool using the "report" option.
      3) Admin Contact forum.
    18. NFWar
      I used Button Manager that does not support MAC OS.
    19. Wazzz
      So tell me, what's your answer to my questions from the chat, anyway? You never answered them, you sort of avoided them :/
    20. Pyramidhe@d
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    Home Page:
    Maps can also be downloaded from my webpage.
    "Wer sich nicht wehrt, der lebt verkehrt."
    Current Project:
    Battleships Crossfire
    Battleships BoaT
    WW2 - Spanish Civil War
    WW2 - European Civil War
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    Northrend (Europe)
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    2003-2005 Antifascist TD
    Since 2005 Battleships Crossfire
    Since 2007 WW2 - Spanish Civil War
    Since 2009 WW2 - European Civil War
    Since 2009 Battleships BoaT

    "Wer will, dass die Welt bleibt wie sie ist, der will nicht das sie bleibt."


    "When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace"
    "When I feed the poor, they call me a saint, but when I ask why the poor are hungry, they call me a communist"
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