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    Retrieve Cursor Position

    I'm working on an rts/fps where you play against eachother normally but at any time you can jump in the game and be one of your units in first person mode. However, I think the best way to do the first person mode would be to use the mouse for looking around and shooting while arrow keys move...
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    Terrain Editor Features!

    How about a little brush for turning terrain pathing off and on
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    Are formations/lines possible with groups of troops?

    One way is to use the Object Editor. Under the "Formation Rank" field you can edit the value to anything between 1-12, I think. Your guys will follow the formation they are set to as long as Group Formation is on, located on the toolbar to the right of the in-game minimap.
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    Sta-52 Assault Rifle

    Awesome man! I'm totally using this in my mod!
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    Need artwork? Come here

    Could you make this into a map preview and a loading screen? Thanks.
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    Cinematic Filter Generic for Player

    wait... I figured something out. NVM, guys. What I do is that when I shoot, I set a shoot animation integer to something greater than zero. Then every 0.2 seconds of game time, I say If Shoot_Anim > 0, then Run Shoot Anim Make Shoot_Anim = Shoot_Anim -1 And then the trigger Shoot...
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    Cinematic Filter Generic for Player

    I'm using a system of Jass camera filter scripting so that it will function must faster than GUI. Before, I was doing this: if GetLocalPlayer() == GetOwningPlayer(GetTriggerUnit()) Apply a camera filter, blah blah endif However, this proved to have a slow frame rate and looked horrible...
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    Reputation (+1): (Post) Very useful, helpful

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Very useful, helpful
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    I_H8_U_M8's Custom UI Pack

    Very useful and awesome. I'm trying to make a UI myself, but don't know where to start. Will you show me how to do it?
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    Edit UI

    For the first person shooter I am making, I would like to change the UI, so that the inventory, abilites, portrait, time of day, etc. could look entirely different. I extracted the mpq and converted those blps to tga files and then tried to edit them. Instead of having something to work with, I...
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    Thanks, guys. I know I didn't make it, but I did do a bit of work. I realize that it will be rejected, so just download while you can.
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    Pistol.blp (Texture)

    This is another Gun Camera Filter, again from Far Cry. However, I was told that this will be rejected because it is not "freehand", which I have no idea what that means. However, enjoy it before it gets trashed! Keywords: Pistol, Glue, Screen, Camera, Filter, Shooter, satient
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    Pistol Glue Screen (Warcraft 3 Texture)

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    Sniper Rifle.blp

    Why will it be rejected? What's freehand?
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    Sniper Rifle.blp (Texture)

    I always wanted a camera filter that would display a gun for a first person shooter. So I made one! Enjoy, and if you have any requests for more, send me a private message or something. P.S. this is from FarCry 2. Keywords: Sniper, Rifle, Glue, Screen, Game, Interface, Scope, satient