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Aug 22, 2019
Jun 25, 2011


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Sapeur-Goblin was last seen:
Aug 22, 2019
    1. IcemanBo
      it should always work with trigonometric orientation, kemar
    2. IcemanBo
    3. awesomesk1ll
      okay, if you cant belive that we can make something and if you cant just play and simple test this map - i made video for you to show this difference.
      In ice editor 12 possible players instead of Ice maker(where is 11). I really hope other differences you can understand from my videos.

      I think you're wrong. I feel sorry for you.


      You copy/paste my map, add a few random useless things, add "By Sk1ll", which is justified by the 2-3 useless things you added, protect it, whereas it mainly uses MY systems, and come on the hive to tell me "Hey bro, wanna see how I stole your map to make mine? Test it please!"
      So may be can you explain for me:
      may be that is YOUR system ?
      may be that?
      may be that?
      may be that?
      may be that?
      may be that?
      may be that?

      I've already made a complete map
      That is your complete working ice shock?
      And this is from Ice Editor
      Sense any differences?

      2-3 useless things
      Which of this list is useless?
      1. new patrol system (3 diffirent patrol types, u can move or delete patrol points) + added much mobs as patrols
      2. new caster system (with region) and fixed ice shock + added new casters+added cooldown change system for ground attackers
      3. unique circular system (u able to use as center - patrols or any other mob you want)
      4. 16 types of terrain (where +2 new ice types) + added pippete
      5. grid system, clipping system which able you clip your placements by 32 64 128 networks (1/4 1/2 1/1 of tile).
      6. save/load system which able you to save and load levels whenever you want. (in multiplayer and singleplayer both)
      7. setting level speed multiplier (x1-3)
      8. pause and restart for level progress (mobs, cars)
      9. beautiful loadscreen
      10. much of this things have buttons maded special for that map
      11. 12 player unlocked. Now all 12 players able to play.
      12. All editor abilities can be delegated to other player from host.

      Stop this stupid showing off, we all are thiefs of swpmoele's maps/things/genre.
      And all that we doing - we doing for ice community, but not for "By Sk1ll" like as you think.
    4. awesomesk1ll
      ... Im dissapointed by you.
      I though you real iceman. Who developing ice community and for ice community. Now im see that i was wrong.

      That was a simple request: just test this ingame.
      I was interested to join you and Bo to develope this idea and work both on this map.
      Okay. Good luck.

      You're much low opinion about me.

      p.s today i sended to you in skype unprotected version, if you went, you could see this.
      p.p.s and.. this is not your map omg :D That is not based on your systems lol. Yes, idea used from icemaker.

      So okay. If you want.. now im leave you with that. Good luck.
    5. awesomesk1ll
      Check this ingame please
    6. awesomesk1ll
      Go skype please
    7. awesomesk1ll
      Hi sap, i want to share with you. We made a map named Ice Editor, please play&test it :)
      All needed info placed in quests.

      That is a first version (after icemaker which is that map based) of this map, may be you can(want) join developement?:D
    8. IcemanBo
      Ein goblin! I need power / time. :zip:
    9. IcemanBo
    10. Ralle
      You're welcome. Glad to be of help.
    11. IcemanBo
      3Inf4cH g3G3$sEn. M1T d3M 4UnD. Wesh Wesh
    12. MepH-
      Slt, wsh wsh! C4 v4 b1en, e twa??
    13. Kazeon
      really? thnks :)
    14. Troll-Brain
      Plop, bonne année.

      Je suppose ouai, mais ca doit être relativement lent.
      Jamais prêté plus attention que cela aux ressources de Nestharus (plus à ses propos en fait pour ... diverses raisons) sauf une fois avec UnitIndexer puisque les autres indexer existants ne correspondaient pas à mes besoins.
      En plus il a rage quit en supprimant toutes ses ressources mais d'après ce que j'ai lu il les a mit sur github (voir les derniers post de UnitIndexer qui est dans le graveyard).

      Sinon il me semble que Max avait déjà fait un truc du genre, peut être même avec un logiciel tiers en complément, demande à Vladadamn il doit être au courant de cela si ça t'intéresse.
    15. Troll-Brain
      Merde, j'aurais du me douter que c'était un troll.
      Pas tant pour la ressource en elle même (on sait jamais délire de "slider" toussa) mais les commentaires avec "more delay".
      Je t'ai pris au sérieux et je me demandais "wtf ?!" il devrait quand même être au courant que de telles "optimisations" sont futiles, et du coup je me sens con tient.

      Et puis troller Nestharus c'est trop facile et surtout inutile, il restera Nestharus.
      C'est juste dommage qu'il ait autant d'influence et de démagogie.
      Cela dit, même si je n'apprécie guère le personnage pour moults raisons tout n'est pas à jeter de lui.
    16. nambo
      hi how u doin
    17. Orcnet
      I think I already checked it, yeah its fine now :)
    18. Magtheridon96
      Hey man, as soon as you believe Buff is perfectly stable, I'll approve it, because the code looks good in it's current state anyway :P
    19. Troll-Brain
      Je sais bien :)
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