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    Warcraft 3 Reforged ~ Your culture isn't relevant says Golden

    As much as I dislike changes in lore. I disagree that changes to Wc3 Reforged will be a bad thing. If anything it will unify the lore a bit more across all the games. As for them removing old jokes... it makes sense. I am just pumped to get back into modding wc3 again!
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    Thanks again!

    Thanks again!
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    I'm sneaky like that. Thanks for the welcome.

    I'm sneaky like that. Thanks for the welcome.
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    Now have some guts and answer this

    Yes, yes it does. You are now no longer allowed to be straight... thats how it works...
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    What you did today

    I revived Sansui and logged onto this website.
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    The only thing I smoke is the occasional hookah. I no longer smoke weed, and I stopped smoking cigarettes/cigars many years ago when I decided that blacking out from drinking myself into an oblivion wasn't a great way to live... But it was fun. Oh and I can't stand the smell of smoke(weed or...
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    Returning to THW from a (very)long absence

    Welcome back...
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    My first skin...

    Not terrible for a first, better than a half of the first skins I have seen. But... You need to work on shading and fleshing objects out to produce detail. Right now it kinda looks really blotchy. The face needs to be smoothed out a lot. try to make it look like paint that was applied to skin...
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    Gallery of mixed stuff and WIPs (not warcraft related)

    Ill crap my pants if they dont get approved. As always you are agod among little boys tedee arr
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    Picture/Photo Thread

    You know you like it. Bite, me about replying to a post 11 months ago...
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    Web Designs

    Remember your C.R.A.P. Anywho, the navigation is hard to see and the icons at the top do not make sense to me. Also if you are going to use those icons make the closer to the text as that will help bring them together as one element. Also make your own icons. Never use icons that are...
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    you have not said hi in forever.

    you have not said hi in forever.
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    Jury of Awesomeness

    Oh hi, since I can't post in the forums at all and wanted to share some news. I is engaged. The ring I purchased(even though I'm flat broke) for my girlface.