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  • I have seen that, i also see your working on a new version of these kind of Rpg's ?
    Well, i am a Terrainer, so i guess you could get confused & yes, i remember Drake.'s map.
    Well, he spoke proper english, and then apparently "muted" himself and then complained about the fact that he couldn't do anything anymore
    Indeed it is, indeed it is. It's on my right side of my ribcage in this red star/symbol that's oriented with Tool. I actually saw them in San Antonio a while back wirh my girlfriend. It's the ending verse of Parabola.
    It's a part of what I have on a tattoo, no room for sissy ass commas.

    "This body holding me
    Reminds me of my own mortality
    Embrace this moment
    Remember we are eternal
    All this pain is an illusion"
    <span style="font-size: 9px">Psst, saken. Adding a , to your title would make it much cooler. Like, "Remember, We Ere Eternal"</span>
    Love you too Steel?

    And Hi Dr. Pepper.

    And I don't remember who Swytch is, I'm just friends with him on Hive I guess?
    Okay =) Well, its nice to know youre on hive too anyway =) That guy Swytch... is that the guy called Zytch in wc3? Just wondering.
    Yeah, it's me. Though I'm pretty busy map/time wise. I'm working on my Requiem (SotDRP Terrain.) then I'm working on a terrain for my friend for his game, WoS (World of Strife), then I have a TD project to work on as well.
    Saken? Is that you m8? I dont know if you remember drugnar from FoNW, evildutchman's freind, but if you do, please give me a pm =) The thing is that i need a good terrainer for my map battle depths, soo... i come to you =) Even though it was rather random that i ended up on yout page... =P

    (im very sorry if you arent the terrainer of SotDRP, but your names and taste in avatars are kinda the same =S)
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