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Last Activity:
Sep 17, 2019 at 9:47 PM
Jan 19, 2008


Terrainer/Game Designer, Male, from Texas

New update in the works for WoS: Tribulations May 22, 2019

Saken was last seen:
Sep 17, 2019 at 9:47 PM
    1. Saken
      Started a new terrain for shits and giggles, didn't get too far, but I've got some big ideas and a layout already. I work full-time though, and my other two hobbies have sort of taken more of my time, poetry and art.
    2. Steel_Stallion
      Saken brother, what's the word?
    3. Vengeancekael
    4. Vengeancekael
    5. Steel_Stallion
      I don't have the unprotected versions on me anymore, but if he can crack the maps open and use them tell him to go ahead and do it.

      And hey! I didn't realize you were still around man, lol.
    6. DrPepper1
      .. Oh, holy shit. I haven't been on THW for ages so I only just saw your message. You still gunna do it, or? It's been like 3 months since you sent that message xD
    7. AnSha
      Hey Guy can you perfect the Terrain for Project UHRP?
    8. Kirizaru
      I'm sorry - I'm not avaliable anymore to help you. The reason is that I'm working myself with friends and I need to teach them stuff and make systems for them. It's pretty boring. Not playing SotDRP anymore, like No.

      I'm sorry.

    9. Kirizaru
      Don't worry Sak - even if you'd want to learn GUI I'm -pretty- sure you would learn in just a bit. It's damn easy to do SotDRP systems, really.

      If you need help, just ask me. PM. ;)

    10. Kirizaru
      That means you don't trust your own knowledge of World Editor to complete Requiem?
      You said you had the terrain. I don't see what's wrong. What do you need, improved triggers? A better team for new systems? Someone to discuss your ideas? To feel better? For new units and stuff?

      I wouldn't really see it as a problem, indeed.
    11. Kirizaru
      How's going with Requiem? Did you abandone it.
    12. D3L3T3D
      Saken! It's me. ive moved to West. COntact me sometime. :)
    13. Duke Nukem
      Duke Nukem
      Lol u mad?!?!?!
    14. DrPepper1
      Sounds good. We're all looking forward to it. :P
    15. DrPepper1
      How's Requiem coming along?^^
    16. Saken
      Alright, cool.
    17. callex
      Ah, when I imported your updated terrain it must have painted over some of the units. Easily fixed though! I'll get around to it later today hopefully.
    18. Vengeancekael
      How's your project progressing?
    19. callex
      The text just needs updating, it does read more than 20 digits. I think the problem once again is the stack overflow limit. It's either generated a bad code or failed to load properly.

      If you re-save and it generates a different code, then it was the saving system that ran out of memory. If you start a new game and it can load fine, then the loading system was using too much memory. One of the many reasons I was so eager to move to sc2 lol.

      As far as I'm concerned, the project is everyone's. Do whatever you like with it!
    20. callex
      Well, I copied your terrain across; it was surprisingly painless to implement. I've moved onto sc2 mapping now however, so I don't think I'll be making a new version. I did upload the latest unprotected versions for people to use, though.
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  • About

    Current Project:
    • SotDRP 1.03a - Vanguard (Terrain)
    Game Type: RP
    Finished & Released

    • RotRP 3.3 - Requiem (Terrain)
    Game Type: RP
    Finished & Released

    • YARP - Vanguard (Terrain)
    Game Type: RP
    Finished & Released

    • YARP - Requiem (Terrain)
    Game Type: RP
    Finished & Released

    • YARP B7 - Riverlands (Terrain)
    Game Type: RP
    Finished & Released

    • Jewels of the Sea Terrain
    Game Type: RP
    Subject To Name - Change, terrain needs reworked, needs triggers

    • World of Strife: Retribution v1.52D
    Game Type: Builder/Defense/War
    Finished and Released - Pending Update

    • Defend the Trap
    Game Type: Defense/FFA
    Needs minor terrain adjustments, and we are adding more content as we go.
    Currently looking to fix a crash that only affects some people at the start of the game.

    • World of Stife: Exodus v1.14a
    Game Type: Hero Defense/RPG
    Playable, working on adding in 3 more characters and more items and quests.

    • World of Strife: Tribulations v1.0d
    Game Type: PVPVE Arena/Army Builder
    About to be released.

    • World of Strife: Fratricide
    Game Type: Tug of War
    Needs game mechanic adjustments for spawning and more content.

    • Commanders TD (Terrain)
    Game Type: FFA TD
    Playable and being updated by Watsine.

    • Ultimate Domination v0.04 (Terrain)
    Game Type: FPS
    Playable & being updated by CanFight

    • Auto Battle v0.36b (Terrain)
    Game Type: Army Builder
    Playable and being updated often by Uyarrr

    • Survive From Zombies v1.50a English (Terrain)
    Game Type: Tag
    Re-vamped terrain by me. Translated & being updated by SnoWolF

    • The Plague II Beta 4d
    Game Type: Survival/Tag
    Updating terrain and QoL improvements.

    • The Gainer's War
    Game Type: FFA Hero Arena
    Needs UI improvements, flashier spells, and more content.

    • Elemental Wars
    Game Type: War/Builder
    Needs minor terrain adjustments, unit work, and AI work.

    • Orc Tribal Conflict
    Game Type: 4v4 Builder/War
    Needs terrain adjustments, triggers, and balancing.
    WarCraft 3 Account:
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    US East
    Favourite Race:
    Night Elf
    Still making WC3 games.

    -Role Play Maps
    -Clan WP Games
    -Other Collaborations

    •SotDRP [1.03a] Vanguard (Done)
    •RotRP 3.3 Requiem (Done)
    •YARP - Vanguard (Done)
    •YARP - Requiem (Done)
    •YARP - Riverlands (Done)

    •Natural Selection 1.4b (Finished terrain for Callex)
    •Commanders TD (Finishing Terrain for Watsine)
    •Ultimate Domination v0.04 (Creating arenas for CanFight)
    •Auto Battle v0.36b (Terraining the map for Uyarrr)
    •Survive From Zombies v1.50a English (Updated terrain for SnoWolF)
    •The Plague II 4d (Reviving this old game and bringing in QoL improvements)

    •World of Strife: Retribution v1.52d (Pending Update)
    •World of Strife: Exodus v1.14a (Pending Update)
    •World of Strife: Tribulations v1.0d (Awaiting updates by Krath)
    •Defend the Trap (95% Ready)
    •Elemental Wars (15% Ready)
    •World of Strife: Fratricide (80% Ready)
    •The Gainer's War (90% Ready)
    •Orc Tribal Conflict (50% Ready)
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