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Last Activity:
Sep 17, 2019 at 9:47 PM
Jan 19, 2008


Terrainer/Game Designer, Male, from Texas

New update in the works for WoS: Tribulations May 22, 2019

Saken was last seen:
Sep 17, 2019 at 9:47 PM
    1. Saken
    2. Mech_Warrior
      Hey Saken,

      I'm always glad to test defense type maps! Let me know when you post a finished map, and I can try to take some time to review it.

      Hope all is well.
    3. Saken
      World of Strife: Exodus - Hero Defense/RPG

      Prequel to Krath and I's game, World of Strife: Retribution is getting closer and closer to a polished public release state. We are adding a new hero, which will call for an update to World of Strife to implement some changes/balances, but we have made these all in the best interest of a better more balanced gameplay.

      I'll upload some WIP screenshots in the coming week or so.
    4. Saken
      For folks looking for an unprotected version of SotDRP or RotRP, the answer is simply no.

      I don't have any version of an SotDRP/RotRP map that has the finished content of an RP yet is unprotected. I would of fixed all of the terrain issues caused by early release of my terrains if I had such a map.

      Thank you.
    5. emil23
      does anyone have unlocked sotdrp/rotrp map
    6. Splub
    7. Splub
      We actually play on maps that we terrain ourselves lol. And I did actually play your Requiem terrain and that was really good. As for joining your welcome to..
    8. Keiji
      I see. Have you read this:


      Specifically the bottom part in hidden tags called "The Terrain Jury."
      If you can document for me that you are a versed terrainer and terrain
      reviewer, or get someone to vouch for you, I'll gladly accept you to
      the Jury. While it is "currently" inactive, as you can read in that info
      text, it may be activated at any time I'm looking for advice on things
      to change or update or do.
    9. Keiji
      Hello Saken.

      I see you've applied to become part of the Terrain Jury. While typically it is the terrain
      moderator who invites people to the jury, not the other way around, I'm curious:

      Why did you apply? How did you come by it and are you aware that the jury currently
      is not active?
    10. Splub
      Yeah, got a group of friends I rp with every other weekend but thats pretty much all I play unless I get a wild hair lol.
    11. Splub
      Hey Saken. How ya doing?
    12. Saken
      I'll be adding some screen shots of the new and improved World of Strife very soon, Krath and I have been improving it lately by a lot.

      Changes include undead balancing, increased difficulty, new ''path barracks'' to replace elite barracks, more bases, improved pathing, detailed the world more, and many buffs and nerfs across the whole map.
    13. Avex
      I'd love to make terrains as well, if you guys want someone else added to the team. I can't do triggering in Wc3 for shit. But I could make the SC1 RP maps from memory, it takes me about week from start to finish including terrain.
    14. Avex
      Bahaha, whats the project you're up to?
    15. Saken
      Requiem is a go.
    16. Avex
      So hows the map stuff? I know that Anarki released his "open" map.

      I'm pretty known for my terrain work from Zoom's DnD but not much else. I love terrains and am currently making a Dalaran city map with his template. Immediately got a bug even though I'm just terraining. :l But if you guys want a terrainer, I'm here.
    17. DrPepper1
    18. AwzomeWulfzz
      Huh, didn't realize you were a roleplayer. Well jolly good show.
    19. Childeric
      Well you know im always down to work on a map or two. If not for map making I definitely wouldn't bother with this game lol. But lets talk on Facebook im on there much more often.
    20. Childeric
      Where you at bro ive been getting on Wc all week! Still the same name obviously... v_v
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  • About

    Current Project:
    • SotDRP 1.03a - Vanguard (Terrain)
    Game Type: RP
    Finished & Released

    • RotRP 3.3 - Requiem (Terrain)
    Game Type: RP
    Finished & Released

    • YARP - Vanguard (Terrain)
    Game Type: RP
    Finished & Released

    • YARP - Requiem (Terrain)
    Game Type: RP
    Finished & Released

    • YARP B7 - Riverlands (Terrain)
    Game Type: RP
    Finished & Released

    • Jewels of the Sea Terrain
    Game Type: RP
    Subject To Name - Change, terrain needs reworked, needs triggers

    • World of Strife: Retribution v1.52D
    Game Type: Builder/Defense/War
    Finished and Released - Pending Update

    • Defend the Trap
    Game Type: Defense/FFA
    Needs minor terrain adjustments, and we are adding more content as we go.
    Currently looking to fix a crash that only affects some people at the start of the game.

    • World of Stife: Exodus v1.14a
    Game Type: Hero Defense/RPG
    Playable, working on adding in 3 more characters and more items and quests.

    • World of Strife: Tribulations v1.0d
    Game Type: PVPVE Arena/Army Builder
    About to be released.

    • World of Strife: Fratricide
    Game Type: Tug of War
    Needs game mechanic adjustments for spawning and more content.

    • Commanders TD (Terrain)
    Game Type: FFA TD
    Playable and being updated by Watsine.

    • Ultimate Domination v0.04 (Terrain)
    Game Type: FPS
    Playable & being updated by CanFight

    • Auto Battle v0.36b (Terrain)
    Game Type: Army Builder
    Playable and being updated often by Uyarrr

    • Survive From Zombies v1.50a English (Terrain)
    Game Type: Tag
    Re-vamped terrain by me. Translated & being updated by SnoWolF

    • The Plague II Beta 4d
    Game Type: Survival/Tag
    Updating terrain and QoL improvements.

    • The Gainer's War
    Game Type: FFA Hero Arena
    Needs UI improvements, flashier spells, and more content.

    • Elemental Wars
    Game Type: War/Builder
    Needs minor terrain adjustments, unit work, and AI work.

    • Orc Tribal Conflict
    Game Type: 4v4 Builder/War
    Needs terrain adjustments, triggers, and balancing.
    WarCraft 3 Account:
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    US East
    Favourite Race:
    Night Elf
    Still making WC3 games.

    -Role Play Maps
    -Clan WP Games
    -Other Collaborations

    •SotDRP [1.03a] Vanguard (Done)
    •RotRP 3.3 Requiem (Done)
    •YARP - Vanguard (Done)
    •YARP - Requiem (Done)
    •YARP - Riverlands (Done)

    •Natural Selection 1.4b (Finished terrain for Callex)
    •Commanders TD (Finishing Terrain for Watsine)
    •Ultimate Domination v0.04 (Creating arenas for CanFight)
    •Auto Battle v0.36b (Terraining the map for Uyarrr)
    •Survive From Zombies v1.50a English (Updated terrain for SnoWolF)
    •The Plague II 4d (Reviving this old game and bringing in QoL improvements)

    •World of Strife: Retribution v1.52d (Pending Update)
    •World of Strife: Exodus v1.14a (Pending Update)
    •World of Strife: Tribulations v1.0d (Awaiting updates by Krath)
    •Defend the Trap (95% Ready)
    •Elemental Wars (15% Ready)
    •World of Strife: Fratricide (80% Ready)
    •The Gainer's War (90% Ready)
    •Orc Tribal Conflict (50% Ready)
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