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    [WIP]A textureby Sansui

    Can't blame me for being out of touch, only been 2 years since I last visited. :P
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    [WIP]A textureby Sansui

    It's Sansui lol Tentacles for hair/beard ! fits the diseased / filth ridden / pus spewing theme you've got going so far
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    lol, been quite a while. Thanks for the positive feedback ;) Didn't expect this to still exist.
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    Wow to Blizz

    You would rather have some ridiculous faction imbalance instead ? :) This decision has been months under way
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    IS powerlevling cheating ?

    yet thousands of people manage to get to 60 with no grasp of their class, its amazing how easymode mmo's breed high level noobs :) oh and try to be a little less ambigous please powerleveling yourself is vastly different to buying powerleveling in terms of "nethics"
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    Wooden Wall Tileset Skin?

    i believe afro speaks the truth did that remark really piss you off that much ? :P went on a skinning rampage afterwards
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    Cannt resist, but theres something i can brag about ;-)

    a warlock with bloodlords defender and a firestone -.- how ... elegant. and yes Afro, sadly thats why i don't visit :P @Infeston: if you think thats much, then i just spent about 3k gold on mats for Thunderfury :D
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    Cannt resist, but theres something i can brag about ;-)

    gratz on dumbluck and hard work (tiger is dumbluck, respect for ze other one) Felcloth looks so dumb on gnomes If you can raid ZG, get your ass in MC :) besides, you can't argue with Wolves being the best mounts :P My Orc I never found out what server you went to ?
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    mmmmmm impressive
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    if you want to reduce the size skins take up, just reduce the compression quality. (dunno if you can do it with wc3viewer, i usually do it with imageextractor II)
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    it would be awesome if people told what parts are cnp :o do plz follow that idea :wink:
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    Halo, rest IS cnp, ive been running around with those shoulders he cnped. besides, you wouldnt have to know that :wink: if he could skin that nice, how come everything else on the skin (that he changed *himself*) sucks :P
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    nother wow cnp ?
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    nice cnp from WoW ?
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    Afro, start making tuts already. Being this good obligates you to pass on some of the knowledge. :)