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    Any functioning AI with current patch?

    Not sure if this is the right section to post . . Are there any AI mods / imports / maps that work at the moment? I can't find anything that works or that isn't super old. Any help / links to stuff is greatly appreciated.
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    Full GUI Item Generator

    LOL sorry I was not articulate enough! What I mean is this... I play on the standard melee ladder maps, but as a small difference I have all the items in the game included, such as ones not on the random lists, campaign items, purchasable items, etc all spawn on the lv 1 to 6 lists (permanent...
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    Full GUI Item Generator

    Could this somehow be used to create a few dozen random items and then have them on the lists for a standard melee map?
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    Crimson Valley

    I only played it twice so far but man it's great, I love the tree mix.
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    Crimson Valley

    Gonna try this today! I love Northern Isles. Deepstrasz said - All melee creeps in neutral hostile camps should probably be avoided even in 1v1 especially on mid-late game camps. How come?
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    Melee Mapping Contest #3 - 4 vs 4

    Oh man I cannot wait to try all these out!
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    Making Neutral Melee Assets Viable for Ladder+Others

    I like those changes of creeps not sleeping, I have done that on my maps as well. I also like the random idea, and on my altered maps I took the merc camps and an additional 8 new ones I made and make each merc camp on a map random between the 20-something buildings, keeps it fresh. Same with...
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    Melee Mapping Contest #3 - 4 vs 4

    I checked out your map Ragnaros17, pretty awesome, looks like a ton of work went into it. I must admit there are so many places on it I kinda got lost lol . . great variation in terrain and creeps.
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    Reputation (+4): (Post) knowing thingz

    Reputation (+4): (Post) knowing thingz
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    Cannot Scroll Down in Fullscreen Mode

    AHA! awesome, atm I had -windowed or whatever and would just stretch it, this worked awesomely. Looks like a FPS boost if that even makes sense, stuff looked much smoother. Love the forum!
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    Cannot Scroll Down in Fullscreen Mode

    OMG this game I love it but uggh! Ok so in fullscreen mode I cannot use the mouse/cursor to scroll at the edge of the screen down. Up, left and right no worries, all works. But the damn Windows taskbar at the bottom blocks the view of the game no matter what I do and I need to use the down...
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    Gates of Elun'dris

    Awesome map, just played it and it's quite fun!
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    Ujimasa Hojo's Resources Discussion

    You know what would be awesome? A map with all your models in there so someone could browse through them without looking at 50 different threads, then DL each one, then place... not a map to be played but one where all this brilliant work could be viewed.
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    Terraining Contest #19 - Aftermath

    OMG the WIP shots are totally iNsAnO! I have been trying out mapmaking, but obviously I got a waaaaaay to go. GREAT stuff!
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    WFE - Warcraft Feature Extender

    On the latest version of WC3, and I would love to get that camera height control to zoom out, do I have any options?