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    Can you add you back as a friend again? Please?
    Friend request me
    I don't get your avatar looks like, It's like a giant rasta head superhero :S
    Do you know if the HOS models are still going to be uploaded on another site? I haven't heard much about them since the last situation with them getting rejected on Hive. I hope plans for a public release isn't dead.
    Can you give me the Colossus model via Skype? I can give my skype..

    I've accepted Sellenisko's help for fixing the HoS models, since it seems like JokeMaster's fix didn't matched with the moderator's approval policy. I'll try a last attempt with this, and if it doesn't work, I will stop with hive ressource stash, and I'll upload them on XGM RU, WC3C, and maybe in the Kam's mod graveyard.
    wasting time? :( am i so wrong that i want the models fixed, so they all perform to the best? :'( is it really more important to just.. have 'em? what is my purpose then as a moderator?
    wonder if i should resign my post :'c
    To everyone who wanted HoS models, since it seems like the models fix is not good enough for the hive moderators, I feel like I'm loosing my time by trying to upload it here. My goal was only to share these models to the community. I'm don't know how to make or fix a model, so since I can't respect the rules by myself, and since JokeMaster's amazing work wasn't good enough to the moderators, I'll upload the models on XGM RU or on WC3Campaign. I'll share you a link to get them before they get approved on both XGM and WC3C (if they are). Thank you everyone. I just feel sorry for Rommel, because he really wanted to share them.
    hey, i went to check the aetherite model and it looks like it wasn't fixed at all, it's like.. there's no bone geoset, only 'gutz' texture added :/ decay flesh anim behaves weird and the body is back intact in the 'decay bone' anim, instead the 'gutz' skeleton thingie
    you think that's professional?
    Hello. i saw you are releasing the models for HoS. If you want, i could help fixing some bugs, make some improvizations with animations and so on. Iam in a making of many models now, iam in modeling mood. Well, anyway, if you feel like need some help, contact me.
    Hmm those models gave me a damn... So much bugged stuff so many simple bugs who could be fixend in 2 minutes each... Hah i should end the fixing on sunday, the delay was mainly becouse of my job and as i said i think youll get 'em all fixed on sunday
    Hmm.. can you maybe fix 'em? Oo models need to have death sound and working decay anims to be approved
    hey rhy, i just tested the aetherite model, it works ok but it doesn't have the essential stuff like the decay animations, no death sound, and some anims aren't named like war3 needs, like 'xStand' Oo

    would it be ok to do tweaks for each of models, as i review them?

    EDIT: ups.. it does have.. but they don't work correctly ingame
    Ok guys I could finally have rommel and misha in a skype conversation so models are going to be back
    Dang. Wish *I* could have Skype convo with Rommel... *sniff*.
    It's approve, disapprove, and if u need i can optimize your resurouces, just send me a pack and i'll send you an optimized version of each model.
    I'll upload 3 model per day to let enough times for the ressources moderators to approuve / disapprouve them so don't be scared if there is no uploading frenzy :p
    Ah, cool. I look forward to the result. HoS deserves to get out there.

    Now, I'm curious; how do you know Rommel. I mean, of all people, having you upload the entirety of awexomeness that is Heart of Storms... Do you know him personally, or through the Internet?
    Hey, in regards to HoS:

    1) I've heard that you/he's OK with these being edited; that would be very useful to put in the description for each model (just so there's no confusion). A screenshot of your conversation(s) with Rommel would probably make sense to prove that.

    2) I saw that the mods temporarily hid the models while they await Rommel to contact them. Have you considered uploading to Wc3C.net as well as the Hive? It would be quite welcome there I believe, as he used that site as well.

    Just some thoughts. Look forward to the rest of the uploads. Thanks again!
    More models, icons, skin and terrainart are coming. I'm just waiting the moderators approval for the one I already uploaded.
    Wonderful. Please let me know when you are ready and I will add the pack and project information to the compendium.
    Hello there my fellow.
    I am glad you are uploading the models for Heart of Storms, but I'm kinda mad and sad to see it go. It had so much going for it, but oh well.
    I was trying to remake Warcraft II, but things came up and I never got to work on it and other things happened. Well anyway I have time now to do my own things and the project just might be a good large melee maps and some maps dealing with the Second War and I was hoping to make a map to on where Kul'Thuzad goes to Northrend. Well anyway it is good to see you to man and any chance for some more models?
    I would have agreed if I was gay but I'm not + i'm not the creator of these models you should ask rommel instead (but he's straight too :p)

    Again, feel free to edit HoS models. Rommel want them to be useful to the community
    Holy shit man can i have sex with you? You uploaded models that fit my dark horde in the map i'm making so well!!! 5/5 +rep
    Can you upload all the models in Pack version and give a back up on another uploadin' site?
    Nice models you uploading by the way.
    A shame that HOS is dead:

    Oh, if you happen to come over a model by me or General Frank, please contact me.
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