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Last Activity:
Jul 14, 2019
Jul 10, 2006

Awarded Medals 3


Ideas & Systems, from Cape Town, South Africa

rulerofiron99 was last seen:
Jul 14, 2019
    1. Idaero Ace
      Idaero Ace
      You are quite passive this era, aren't you?
    2. TheWhiteWolf
      Best of luck to you too :)
    3. TheWhiteWolf
      Let's wait until Monday, when this contest is over :) We'll start a thread and make plans then :D
    4. TheWhiteWolf
      I haven't really thought about who will do what part of the job... Well, aside from making the 3 abilities (I got that), we will have to edit a model (the generic shinigami), make a few swords, and make models and systems for the Shikai/Bankai abilities.

      If you don't like this project, I have another proposition for you.
      The Simulator
      Basically, we make heroes as we like them. Each member of the team imagines one or more heroes he would enjoy playing with, and the team makes the heroes. And I mean high quality shit, not an Illidan with Thunder Clap, Critical Strike and a Shockwave. I mean (for example) an Ancient Protector, a guy who will be able to grab enemies and toss them at each other, who will have a wide melee attack along with a slam ability, and who will be tanky as fuck with tons of regeneration.
      So, after we make our own heroes, we make some battlegrounds. Trigger-generated battlegrounds.
      Then, we make creeps. Some easy, some hard.
      And we make a system which will let us decide whether we want to go PvP or PvE, which creeps do we want to spawn, etc.

      Generally, a map to play to break boredom. Perfect for singlaplayer and multiplayer alike :D

      Afterwards, we let people send us their wishes for heroes/creeps, and we continue making it in our free time.
      Not a bad idea, right?
    5. TheWhiteWolf
      The title of the project is Bleach: Zanpakuto. So, basically,it's a Hero Arena.
      It features a custom combat system (I perfected that shit already, so it will take less than a couple of days to make it). Each player has a generic Shinigami with 5 skills:
      -Slash (frontal damage)
      -Block (blocks frontal attacks)
      -Flash Step (similar to blink)
      -Shikai (unlockable)
      -Bankai (unlockable)

      About the Shikai/Bankai: In the game modes, we will let the host decide whether these abilities are randomed or chosen. Also, we will let him decide whether they are available from the start or can be unlocked during the game.

      The project is not too complicated, and I think it will be very fun to make :) Also, it will not be too time-consuming, so the chance that anyone will drop out is low :D
    6. TheWhiteWolf
      The same thing happens to me :(
    7. TheWhiteWolf
      Hey mate, after the contest is over, how would you like to join Tickles and me in a project? :D
    8. Dark-Zalor
      The sliding system is moving unit by triggers
      with set unitloc()


      What kind of funny stuff you are talking about??
    9. Dark-Zalor
      My race is only by sliding system

      It's because it's well done (lol)
    10. Dark-Zalor
      Blizzard did a race like this with sliding system?
      I think it's a race with unit that a steered wit the mouse like in a traditional game
    11. Dark-Zalor
      Is there so much maps with this system?
      I haven't seen this in hive
      The turn of racer is done by triggers
      i made instantly turning on click because if i do it with a timer turning will be cumulative
      If you click two times the computer will calculates two angles and start two timers it will be confusing
    12. Dark-Zalor
    13. edo494
      hey man, I didnt see you for long time eh, and I see your butcher has got some green goo on him :D
    14. CoLd Bon3
      CoLd Bon3
      I have a suggestion for JustDrift. You can make the vehicles move with the arrow keys. It's simple - when a player selects a unit that is a car, then make this car move with this player's arrow keys. I.e. make the players' arrow keys control the car they have selected. Fix the camera onto the car as well, so you don't have to move the mouse.
      Unless the whole idea of the map is to have the cars moving like this.

    15. CoLd Bon3
      CoLd Bon3
      Hm, this is really good indeed! I will try it with my car game. And when i see how it goes, will you mind if i keep it?
    16. CoLd Bon3
      CoLd Bon3
      Btw, in your profile i can only see the maps Region 0.37 and Mortar. Where is Just Drift?
    17. CoLd Bon3
      CoLd Bon3
      Well in jQuery, there are no angles and stuff, so i am using sine and cosine to get angles. And so i have a facing angle and a movement angle. The facing angle is changed when steering, while the move angle is constantly trying to reach the facing angle. As you might suggest, the car is not moving in the facing angle, but in the move angle. Duh.
      So, for example if you steer with 30 degrees/sec, the move angle is changing towards the facing angle with a speed of 20 degrees/sec. So if you steer long enough without stopping, you drift. There are some other formulas i've used to decrease the speed while drifting, so it looks a bit realistic.
      I think that your way, however, is better. Cuz it's all physics and maths and stuff, based on real life. :thumbs_up:
      However, mine is simpler and easy to understand. Quality over easy code, though.
    18. CoLd Bon3
      CoLd Bon3
      Yea, i forgot about map-making too because of school, training (breakdancing) and other stuffs... Been working on my HTML/CSS/jQuery/PHP/SQL knowledge for a while because i want to get a job, i hope to make some money this summer. :grin:
      I have started a War3 project by my own before more than 2 years and i have to get it done. The fact that i haven't finished what i've started is constantly on my head! Argh! :ogre_rage:
      By the way, is this page opening for you? It's a HTML5/jQuery project i have started. :ogre_datass: For now it's just three cars that can drift and collide (with an extremely bad collision response that i have to fix). I hope that by the end of this year, i will have a fully functioning multiplayer-browser-NFS game. :grin:
      Btw, i thought of implementing the physics from the car game in some War3 racing map. I think it'll be epic! :ogre_haosis:
    19. CoLd Bon3
      CoLd Bon3
      Watche doen dere, mate? Haven't seen you in a while! ruleronfire99 :xxd:
    20. Cokemonkey11
      Good idea. I may use destroy tower instead.
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    Cape Town, South Africa
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    Northrend (Europe)
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    Kirin Tor
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    rulerofiron (330, EU)
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