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Last Activity:
Jan 6, 2019
Jan 7, 2005

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My burdens... weigh heavily...! Nov 24, 2017

Rui was last seen:
Jan 6, 2019
    1. RED BARON
      Ah yea, thats the darn problem with university. And yea, it is too small.. I messed up by using your avatar picture from in here, instead of the one one the forum posts.... I'll redo it :wsmile:
    2. RED BARON
      So how goes University? Hope all is well in any case :wsmile:

      Anyway, in case you want it, you can now update your avatar slightly to match the season :wwink:

    3. iamxaxas
      no problem, mas sim, é isso...
    4. iamxaxas
      HELP!! tou em semi-drama!

      percebes alguma coisa no que toca a vírus?

      a minha pen apanhou um cavalo de tróia e agr não consigo aceder aos ficheiros, nem vê-los! eles estão lá, porque mostra à mesma o espaço utilizado e assim, e o antivírus reconhece tudo na análise, mas não consigo ver nada...

      O q é q eu faço?
    5. iamxaxas
    6. Hayate
      Im Not An Experienced Blender User, I just know how to Edit Mesh :p and Extruding

      What you want to clear? xd if editing mesh, i can do it :p
      other, maybe in future xd
    7. iamxaxas
      A panda!! So cute!! xD

      Enfim, as notas andam + ou menos assim:

      MatA - 17,7
      BG - 17,7
      FQA - 18,2 (originalmente 17,6, mas o stor enganou-se numa pergunta e deu-nos seis pontos por ela, a todos)
      ING - 19
      PT - 18,8 (a stora ficou a olhar para mim pelos pulos q eu mandei na cadeira... não tava à espera de tanto...)

      Quanto a Filosofia, tive 14,8 no primeiro teste, estou à espera de receber o segundo :P
      os testes têm poucas perguntas, q valem muito e às vezes com a pressa esqueço-me de usar o texto, ou no meio de tanto raciocínio esqueço-me de algumas coisas... enfim, pode ser que este teste tenha corrido melhor :P)

      Também tenho andado com bastantes trabalho (embora aposte que não se compara aos que tu tens...), tenho um trabalho de ING, de grupo, para entregar numa semana ou assim e ainda nem o comecei... Tenho uma apresentação de PT para fazer, sobre um livro e dps há os relatórios, felizmente ainda só tivemos de fazer um, sobre o teste da chama.

      Afinal que cadeiras é que vcs têm em Engenharia Informática? Estou curioso :P

      Boa sorte para os projetos!
    8. iamxaxas
      olá! como é q vai td? e a universidade? CT está a ser bastante bom, estou a gostar bastante, especialmente de Biologia e Geologia! as notas também estão relativamente altas (tirando Filosofia... no coments on that)
    9. SA Dashie
      SA Dashie

      I should be on in the next ~7 days.
      I don't have internet on my actual computer and feeling kinda lazy atm.
      Just staying at home doing complete run throughs of old n64 games and actually making progress with some Wc3 projects for basically the first time this year.
      (I basically worked on a map most of January and pretty much finished it enough for an entry in the MG MC #8 although it got canceled due to lack of entries :s)

      Oh yes and I'm actually going for a job that I can stay with for a while so I can get some actual income for the first time. I really want/need to replace and get some new stuff.

      I'll talk to you more over Skype though when I can.
    10. Mythic
      Rui, :cgrin:

      Have a nice day!
    11. MasterHaosis
      With what are you so busy? Did you find job, girlfriend?
    12. MasterHaosis
      haha yeah!
      I am back and uploaded some models, and more are comming!
      How re you man?
    13. Hakeem
      My custom script stopped working for the chat. :C
    14. MasterHaosis
    15. SA Dashie
      SA Dashie
      We seem to be at an impasse. :P
      I'll just get Skype back on my desktop soon for use.
      (send me your Skype details?)

      Btw I won't be able to do much and won't be able to get Skype by at least the 24th due to internet issues.
      I have school to concentrate on atm anyway so I'll get to talk to you as soon as possible.
      (guess I shold check messages anyway from any randoms haha)

      I don't really like talking about like I would like to without some sort of instant message system.
      It just doesn't feel right for me otherwise.
    16. NWG_Jonas
      Hehe, im quite busy aswell. Both with work and after work projects. Atm i average on 3-4hours sleep on weekdays. Gotta change that. Lol.
    17. Ralle
      To be honest I have no idea what you even mean.
    18. SA Dashie
      SA Dashie
      Do you use Facebook?
      I've recently stopped using Skype so instead I just use Facebook as a whole for messages etc.

      I'll send you details over PM if you want to go through with it.
      It's always nice to have another friend to speak to!
    19. Slaydon
      I genuinely don't remember if I have replied to your post on my profile, but don't worry, I'm still here, in spirit. Still doing some coding from time to time but modding's not my thing anymore. I think Hive stopped notifying me whenever someone posts something on my profile hue. Hope you're doing alright mr Rui.
    20. NWG_Jonas
      Hello, hows going? :)
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    “Drama is oxygen, necessary in certain doses, but devastating when too much is present” —@HappyTauren
    “Internet trolling requires a certain level of artistic abilities” —@WaterKnight
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