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Nov 11, 2019 at 2:36 PM
Jan 7, 2005

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Outcast Nomadic Dark Prelate

My burdens... weigh heavily...! Nov 24, 2017

Rui was last seen:
Nov 11, 2019 at 2:36 PM
    1. map designer
      map designer
      you liked'em? DO not say No, please.
    2. Skycraft
      Sorry but unless I be aggressive to some people the message won't get through.
      Had to be done.
    3. MasterHaosis
      Ah thanks...
      And you are welcome for that!
    4. Arcisal
      My account seems to auto-subscribe to threads when I visit them. I just realized I had 114 subscribed threads. :)
    5. mango
      A very big "Thanks!" for re-opening my thread!
    6. Arcisal
      Well, honestly, a form of revival for the DaT series. I'm no lore expert in the whole thing but I think what you and the various other users have built up is pretty damn amazing and it's a terrible shame to see it go to waste.

      I was thinking maybe a small-scale RP first, like something where users can reenact some mythology of the lore. Something not to "present-time". If deemed successful, then maybe a larger RP that can advance the DaT storyline. :)
    7. BlinkBoy
      Haha, thanks, no problem. Won't be as active as before but I'll be watching by to help with modeling as usual ;).
    8. brad.dude03
      I have indeed returned! Dunno why, or for how long, but I'm here now, so there's that xD
    9. Heinvers
      Hi Rui! ....................
    10. Darklycan51
      Hi rui :D thnx for the help in tkok :3
    11. sdsdght
      I beta tested Oasis and Desert 2 and realy loved it, the heroes are realy interesting, and with some time I'm sure bowser499 can balance the actual heroes and then it can be better. If the project end, lot's of people from The Hive Workshop won't be able to play this game, that I'm sure everyone will like it.
    12. The Wizard
      The Wizard
      Hello mr ınᴚ), don't you think that Oasis and Desert 2 is a pretty good project and it need to have a place among other hosted projects? I think it have bright future, so please, help it)
      and by the way, thanks for rep)
    13. cluGAmERsy
    14. Pyramidhe@d
      so you really do have me on ignore. how disappointing
    15. Pyramidhe@d
      please respond
    16. Magtheridon96
      Seriously ;_;
      I was only showing how saying "I can't deny anything with chocolate" can backfire
    17. Pyramidhe@d
      hi. long story short. may i ask what caused you to suddenly wander around in the icon section, once again, and delete posts that are clearly not of your concern?
    18. Deolrin
      Hey, I'm sorry I missed your messages. Yeah, I see it now. I must say... This music is epic. Sounds like it would fit in Skyrim, too. Like something you'd hear in the Temple of Dibella in Markarth and such. I don't know what was your point about it, though; I suppose that the composer was inspired by Skyrim.

      At first, I thought you were talking about official Skyrim music, btw. Which is pretty darn good on itself. You should play Oblivion\Skyrim if you get the chance(and you didn't play them yet), really; Those games are truly beautiful.
    19. LichKing21
      I will :), thank you for the rate :)
    20. Kam
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    Night Elf
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    “Drama is oxygen, necessary in certain doses, but devastating when too much is present” —@HappyTauren
    “Internet trolling requires a certain level of artistic abilities” —@WaterKnight
    [16-34-31] water_Knight: LOL RUI i had the most hax idea i will gie you my accoutn and password lol and you do it i dun care if you muck upo on my acc i can never be ipbaned for more than 10 mins i can only be account banned
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