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Jan 26, 2020 at 8:07 PM
Jan 7, 2005

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Outcast Nomadic Dark Prelate

My burdens... weigh heavily...! Nov 24, 2017

Rui was last seen:
Jan 26, 2020 at 8:07 PM
    1. Ender
      I think so
    2. sonofjay
      Hi Rui, I can't change the topic name of my thread right? Mind changing it for me? Change the name to just Chaos Arena here is the link Clicky:psmile:
    3. map designer
      map designer
      I used to see your last activity time&date before three days I guess... but no longer. However, some I never saw their last activity and they are all admins, yet I can see Ralle's last activity.
    4. Rui
      I am able to view everyone's, but maybe that's just because I'm in admin group.
    5. map designer
      map designer
      hey, why do I not see last activity time for some members? you for instance. and........ sorry for the spam :ast:
    6. map designer
      map designer
      Why is it closed and in the recycle bin?I wanted..... to say..Q_Q..my feelings. How sad....
      <span style="font-size: 9px">I mean how to appeal to a banishment</span>
      I will just hope for another opportunity.
    7. map designer
      map designer
      How can I invite new folks to hive?
    8. map designer
      map designer
      when I search for my posts, the threads that has newest replies should be first. But today when searched, it was a bit different. older(not oldest, its new actually) was first and newest thread( mean thread that has newest reply) was the second?!! is that a bug?
    9. Rui
    10. map designer
      map designer
      where can I find a list of moderators online so that I contact them, in case I need something and it is urgent?
    11. RiotZ
      Lol he asked a question, I answered, I wasn't joking either. He's an asshole.
    12. BlinkBoy
      Rui could you do me a favor? could you open my basic animation tutorial's thread? I want to edit some grammar mistakes and some fixes to some unknown characters which have appeared.
    13. MasterHaosis
    14. map designer
      map designer
      Did you see the music?
    15. Rui
      @punwisp: Well, you seemed to be inactive for some time.

      @map designer: You can't, a moderator will have to do that for you in case you've said how you reached the solution to your problem.
    16. map designer
      map designer
      how can I change the topic of my thread to "solved".
    17. PROXY
      Yeah, I can already feel my age :/

      Thank ya', ofc. I will celebrate it :P
    18. punwisp
      Huh? What do you mean don't leave?
    19. map designer
      map designer
      Get the Hammer of the user of year 2012 :wink:
    20. MasterHaosis
      Man are you alive? Two days you are off site, get back here!
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    Northrend (Europe)
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    Night Elf
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    “Drama is oxygen, necessary in certain doses, but devastating when too much is present” —@HappyTauren
    “Internet trolling requires a certain level of artistic abilities” —@WaterKnight
    [16-34-31] water_Knight: LOL RUI i had the most hax idea i will gie you my accoutn and password lol and you do it i dun care if you muck upo on my acc i can never be ipbaned for more than 10 mins i can only be account banned
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