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Last Activity:
Nov 11, 2019 at 2:36 PM
Jan 7, 2005

Awarded Medals 1


Outcast Nomadic Dark Prelate

My burdens... weigh heavily...! Nov 24, 2017

Rui was last seen:
Nov 11, 2019 at 2:36 PM
    1. sonofjay
      Wow, they banned you, and like riots, I'm really confuse about your banishment with little to no explanation.
    2. RiotZ
      I am deeply irritated at the circumstances and inconsistency in the explanation for your banishment. I am still in 100% support of you and will eagerly await your return.

      We'll miss you.
    3. Wazzz
      i just heard about what happened

      you were both a worthy adversary and a worthy friend

      maybe you'll be able to come back to hive soon?
    4. Desktop_General
      Thank you for responding to my request. I'm sorry you were removed as an admin. Thank you very much for helping me and many many others. No matter what don't forget all the good you have done. Even those admin admitted that.
    5. map designer
      map designer
      I changed my signature
    6. map designer
      map designer

      hole in my heart, I am to cry :goblin_cry:
    7. map designer
      map designer
      my friend, if you are to leave, don't cut connection between us for good! For me, communicating through magtheridon suffice. :)
    8. Magtheridon96
      I can't get into Haxx either.
    9. Magtheridon96
      :goblin_cry: :goblin_cry: :goblin_cry: :goblin_cry: :goblin_cry: :goblin_cry: :goblin_cry:
    10. Rui
      Yeah I checked the thread, thanks for the support everyone.
    11. David
      Im sorry Rui i feel bad :S :goblin_cry::goblin_cry::goblin_cry::goblin_cry:
    12. map designer
      map designer
      :goblin_cry: :goblin_cry: :goblin_cry: :goblin_cry: :goblin_cry: :goblin_cry: :goblin_cry: :goblin_cry: :goblin_cry: :goblin_cry: :goblin_cry: :goblin_cry: :goblin_cry: :goblin_cry:

    13. sonofjay
      I can't believe they demoted you RUI, you're always been so helpful to me and to many hive users. I hope you won't leave hive because of this.
    14. Dr Super Good
      Dr Super Good
      If you ever need help with SC2 you can contact me. We can even speak on BattleNet if you are uncomfortable about this site.
    15. Dragonson
      Oh yeah, sorry. :P
      I ran into him in the chatroom and asked him to do it.

      Thank you for your time anyhoo!
    16. Gregory Tountas
      Gregory Tountas
    17. Dragonson
      Devout Follower: Oh, mighty one! Can you unlock my thread?
    18. Dragonson
      Ello? Rui?
    19. map designer
      map designer
      long time, no see. Now I feel I gave you enough break and can ask again!! :)
    20. Rui
      And you, of course, as the loyal puppet you are, had to come deliver his message. If he was global ignored then it's probably not a good idea to serve as an intermediate.

      @other posters below, sonofjay, it's been done, and Gregory, I'll update that stuff soon.
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    WarCraft 3 Account:
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
    Favourite Race:
    Night Elf
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    “Drama is oxygen, necessary in certain doses, but devastating when too much is present” —@HappyTauren
    “Internet trolling requires a certain level of artistic abilities” —@WaterKnight
    [16-34-31] water_Knight: LOL RUI i had the most hax idea i will gie you my accoutn and password lol and you do it i dun care if you muck upo on my acc i can never be ipbaned for more than 10 mins i can only be account banned
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