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Last Activity:
Jan 6, 2019
Jan 7, 2005

Awarded Medals 1


Outcast Nomadic Dark Prelate

My burdens... weigh heavily...! Nov 24, 2017

Rui was last seen:
Jan 6, 2019
    1. Orcnet
    2. Steel_Stallion
      I poke my head in from time to time.
    3. Slaydon
    4. RED BARON
      Hey Rui, ever caught those games?
    5. Ralle
      I believe that at the time we were limiting the amount of connections users could have to about 4-6 to prevent abuse. It was later discovered that a lot of legit usage was slowed down because of this.
      I don't think you caused anything bad. Don't worry about that :).
    6. Ralle
      I honestly cannot remember. I cannot even remember what kind of hosting we were using. Was wc3sear.ch merged in? Was it around that time?
    7. Sky Green
      Sky Green
      Could you vouch for me for Medivh's Tower access?
    8. Hawkwing
      My classes go from September to April, so yes. I get four months off now.
    9. Hawkwing
      And now that I am on summer break (as of several minutes ago) I intend to keep that going!
    10. Ralle
      It would not work. Only for guests. Imagine changing a setting in your profile and then it still shows the old setting after the page loads.
    11. Avex
      I hop around every once and a while, haha. I have a special place in my heart for WarCraft III. I just wish that SC2 helped this site more.
    12. Ralle
      Hey Ruizor, I hope you are in a good mood :)
    13. iamxaxas
      oi! Só para desejar boas férias e boa Páscoa!
    14. iamxaxas
      é verdade q tem um bocado de sexo, mas é mais na 1ª temporada, há medida q as coisas vão ficando mais intensas, o sexo vai diminuindo :P Já os livros tbm leio, acho q valem a pena, se um dia n tiveres nd para ler...
    15. Ralle
      No I mean even longer. Like in 2010 or earlier. I think at some point I deleted somebody's account. No! This was Malufa! I think I remember now :D
    16. Kanadaj
      Hi there, can you do a favor and close Dragonson's Bladetitan Signatures thread to avoid necroposts?
    17. Ralle
      Didn't I once delete your account by mistake?
    18. iamxaxas
      só por curiosidade, és fã de Guerra dos Tronos?
    19. Stanakin
      Hey, thanks. :) I decided to finish/upload some old resources I still had lying around and sort of rolled back in here. It does seem like the site population is, like all other times I've left and returned, lower than I've ever seen it before again, though. :(
    20. Garfield1337
      Hey, Rui, what's up?
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    Northrend (Europe)
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    Night Elf
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    “Drama is oxygen, necessary in certain doses, but devastating when too much is present” —@HappyTauren
    “Internet trolling requires a certain level of artistic abilities” —@WaterKnight
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