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    [Feedback] Compiled List of 1.30 / 1.29 Bugs & Issues

    Don't know if this has been discussed, but I am having a problem that makes the game almost unplayable. When clicking on the interface (map skills etc) my mouse is "off" by 1 cm or so to the left. So lets say I click something on the minimap, and my camera goes 1cm to the right. Same thing...
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    will the website ever come back? also the obvious question, anything new for this map?

    will the website ever come back? also the obvious question, anything new for this map?
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    I will review anything. Post your map here

    sorry, I made a mistake when typing :D I know you can do both things. I wanted to say that it's a great idea for a map. I played for a few waves, but the heroes need a lot of balancing. I played with naga hero + made a bunch of cold towers. Really strong combination. Overall, I hope you will...
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    I will review anything. Post your map here

    Honestly, there are 2 things to say. One one hand, this is a very amateur map, like something I would play 10 years ago. The numbers, the items, the heroes, monsters...everything is done in in a basic way. HOWEVER! the idea is honestly great. I am sad that you don't continue with it. It is...
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    I will review anything. Post your map here

    Sorry for the late reply! didn't expect so many! I watched some of them. Problem is, I can't say anything constructive about it. Unlike gameplay, I have no clue on the limitations of the W3 engine. I will say however that I liked them and the idea of uploading them to youtube is a good one...
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    I will review anything. Post your map here

    Been playing for a long time, maybe too long... Hope this thread will help current and future map map makers. I want to give back to the community. Post your map and I will play it, trying to give you the best and most comprehensive review I can. Rules: 1)One map at a time. Preferable...
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    Tempest ORPG v0.15beta

    Map has great potential. However, I may be an idiot. But I don't know how to turn my equip inventory of. Can't find a button/command anywhere...and now I can't pick up stuff. How to do that?
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    Gnoll Campaign (Voice Acted)

    Windows 10, not running the latest patch( 1.28) same problem. Double checked everything. Cinematic works but game doesn't. I get a "couldn't load map data" and I hear sound in the backround with a black screen. nothing happens if I wait.
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    The Chosen Ones 1.0

    hows the next update going? didn't see anything new from you:O hope you didn't get discouraged!
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    [Miscellanous / Other] Northrend Bound: v1.84 Open Source

    My opinions on game modes where kinda standard. I played this map and some other players didn't want to ally and started being ruined my game for sure. You can go crazy with game modes, however having the basics at first is what's important. As for other suggestions, what I...
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    Advanced COOP RPG: Terrainer, graphics, balancing

    oh, changed my PC and forgot about this... Wanted to play it again Do you need anything particular? A lot of stuff to do for new year,but after that I will play and try to be as helpful as I can...
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    It's been awhile

    one of the best campaigns in Warcraft 3. Just so damn ambitious! I would love to see more of this of course. You where crazy ambitious with this map, but there's always more stuff to do! Maybe you surprise all your fans and start updating again! I for one am hopeful!
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    SharpCraft World Editor Extended Bundle

    I can't make this run.. it is really weird. I installed it on my old PC. When I clicked, nothing happens. Now for christmas I got a new pc. Everything is different. W3 is on SSD, works perfectly. Now it opens at least.When I click on SharpCraft it opens a window with 2 options. I look at...
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    [Campaign] Defenders of the Light

    I was gone for a while, but still arround now. Can't wait to see what you will do with this map! really excited!
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    What are the oldest Warcraft 3 maps?

    You guys act like I'm a total idiot haha I may not not every single website/trick for W3 modding and maps...but It's not like this is my first day on the internet. As fate would have it, I never used W3search. When I first started I would play W3 at computer cafes, didn't have it at home...