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Last Activity:
Dec 13, 2020
Mar 6, 2008


Mapper - vJasser

Robbepop was last seen:
Dec 13, 2020
    1. monaks98
      where can i play goh in battle.net? what's the name of the bot?
    2. Nether Wyrm
      Nether Wyrm
      Hello there! Whew, finally got a place to contact you. Man, i have a great, solid and (as far as i know) original idea for an ORPG, but i lack most of the basic mapmaking skills. Should you be interested, there's my e-mail at, on, in (oh crap i do hate that the english language has 3 words for the same use) my profile ^^
    3. FrostScythe
      I could have not believe the creator of "GOH" is using hiveworkshop = Reputation
    4. water_Knight
      Oh yea catch up with me on wc3 some time
    5. water_Knight
      Hay are you still working on the sc2 goh or did the bank limit remove that idea
    6. Raging Ent
      Raging Ent
      Uh robbe, what's SoC RPG? O.O
    7. Lifee_72
      Hey robbepop wich save/load system you use in guilds of hyppos ? i really need a good one :(
    8. pie0107
      hi robbepop can i have 1 unprotected monster master i just would like to put in my own monster but i won't upload or play it on battle.net i just making it for my little brother because he likes it and really wants his own monster pls do this for me tks
    9. X-OMG-X
      Where are you from? (;
    10. reason 3
      reason 3

      ok, normally i dont really like TD maps,
      but you just did such a great job on this map,
      that i want you to +rep for it.^^

      Robbepop you've made a great job with your maps, too.
      Your GoH RPG made me start Map Making...
    11. Narrat0r
      I know this is a retarded question, but how old are you ;-)?
    12. X-OMG-X
      + Robbepop - You are epic! (:
      + Evilz - Fuse two tier 2 monsters
      + TheBlooddancer - No i also got a wisp king, and it doesnt take so long time :P
    13. Evilz
      can i ask ??

      i still don't understand how to get tier 3 =))
    14. TheBlooddancer
      Mmn. I heard 13lack-Arrow had gotten a Wisp king by fusing 2 lvl 20 fl wisps :P
      That must've taken time.
    15. TheBlooddancer
      Monster master RPG is hosted pretty often on b.net :P
      It's gotten quite nice, however i think some of the early merges should be stronger.

      Like, i fused a falk and a dragon, and got a shitty little healer, no stronger than a basic ranged unit.
      My brother got a hydra dealing above 3 times as much damage, and having twice the life.
    16. xxALMIRxxx
      dude ....
      your maps are amazing....
      but now i asking you for an fervor dude :spell_breaker:.....
      would you tell me how you made the quest systems , i trying to make them but cant :sad:...
      would you pls help me :cute:??
    17. ticklemepudge
      For some reason the forum isn't showing my posts :(. Is version .28b the new version for mm orpg?
    18. Ricardo Irving
      Ricardo Irving
      Your map is only hosted rarely in my server, U.S east (however, it used to have 4 games a day months ago), however this is the most I have seen for a Hive map. GW.
    19. kirtap1001
      Robbepop Plz Answere my pm... hehe...
    20. speedygonsales
      or should I write here
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