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Oct 16, 2020
Mar 6, 2008


Mapper - vJasser

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Oct 16, 2020
    1. Robbepop
    2. Spartipilo
      OMG... I feel so dumb... xD good idea.

      2. Another think I love and i'd like to do is your Item Stack system (for Potions). In my map I want potions to stack to a maximum of 12, and split by half (with the same system you have in GoH), drop the split/half if inventory is full, and get potions without displaying text/sound "inventory is full"... =D
    3. Spartipilo
      There are several things, but i'll ask for them one by one, trying to do it by myself first.

      1- Your stat system: In my map, I've been trying for days to solve the WC3 SkillPoint limits. I need my hero to get 6 skill points per lvl (with 4 skills available: str / agi / int / hp-mp). It does, but if he lvls up again, he doesn't stack them (should be 6+6 = 12), but stays at 9. No matter how many lvls he gets, the hero is unavailable to hold more than 9 skill points at the time =/. In GoH its different, and you can have all the skill points you want there for any use. Thanks BtW! :)
    4. Spartipilo
      Hi Robbe... I love GoH... i've played it several times, till max lvl, though i've never killer askalor (Eventually a new update and code-reset comes) but i'll keep trying xD. I love a lot of features in your maps. I'd like to know if you can give me some tips of thing yous did in yours, so I can do it in mine :)
    5. mateuspv
      Robbepop, my message reached you by PM?
      not sure ^ ^
    6. water_Knight
      Robbepop if you do plan to make your spider map on sc2 if you want i can make you a terrain if you give me some details what you would like it to be like
    7. mateuspv
      I thought about that possibility but I preferred ignore her : (

      thank you ^^
    8. mateuspv
      Robbepop Hello,
      I really like Monster Master RPG, it is common to see this map in the garena / Brazilian, what is good, congratulations for the work.
      But the one what I want to ask, how to open the gate 14, some clue?

      thank you = D
    9. Boris_Spider
    10. Boris_Spider

      sure - I will continue.

      but first an approvement here would be very nice ...

      Your beset bet to get approval is to post a thread in the Resource Approval forum, under the Map's subforum. It's what I had to do to get Erebus approved. It only took a week at that point.

    11. nomeatloaf
      see man, my friend loaned me his cd key so we could play system link, and when he was at school and i was sick, i went on battlenet and saw GoH. after playing that i bought my own copy so i could play any time i wanted. i totaly LOVE GoH. it is and will always be my favorite map
    12. nomeatloaf
      tyvm man, i found like 2 diff forums, but none had people on them. by the way, GoH is the BEST map i have ever played. i actully bought Warcraft 3 JUST for GoH.
    13. nomeatloaf
      hey man, do you know where a group of GoH players are? Clan Hyel fell apart after our leader stoped being active.
    14. junmay123
      update Hyppos pls. hehehe
    15. x3GlikE
      Hey If I wanted to make an ORPG where would I start?
    16. danzinho007
      Where next update of MM ?
    17. neukirchen
      Hey, do you still update Monster Master RPG?
      Great map and would love to see new versions out ^^ Yeah yeah...me too...

    18. Lmao.Me
      Hey, do you still update Monster Master RPG?
      Great map and would love to see new versions out ^^
    19. Eldubs
      Your maps are awesome man. Say if you need any help!
    20. monaks98
      where can i play goh in battle.net? what's the name of the bot?
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