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Oct 16, 2020
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Mapper - vJasser

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Oct 16, 2020
    1. xorkatoss
      forgot to finish my message while giving you rep lol, well thnx again for the Simple Angular Jump System ^^
    2. Captivate
      Hey, thanks for replying! And yeah it really is that popular. People say they like it more because the element towers are just fun to use and it makes it feel like "ltw." I like your version 2.6, but people just want to see the traditional one get updated more. xD lol

      But yeah, I love all your maps, and I think if you could update 1.65 more, that would be amazing for the people who play it endlessly online (including me xD).

      Also sorry for sending you the same message several times. lol
    3. Nestharus
    4. Captivate
      Hey man, I made some recommendations for LTW 1.65. If you could continue updating the map, that would be soo great! Its soo popular online! (with elements) xD
    5. Magtheridon96
      You need to use the screenshot as the thumbnail for the resource :p
    6. Hayate
      first i mean MM
      second emm wat do you mean? is it computer name or garena name? ( i mean the one that can change in warcraft LAN there)

      you say it is possible but how?
      simply type the code?
    7. Hayate
      robbepop How can I transfer my code into another computer even i know typing the code in another computer is not work...(i think) but is it possible to transfer into another computer?

      im going to change computer and i have tier 4 things already :'(
    8. Dzef
      hey robbe, how to get to the new dungeon in 1.32?? Is it part of the main quest?? or a side quest?
    9. Hayate
      i really hope Monster Master have update.

      anyway, if the map updated will the old load code works?
    10. elcra7
      have a guide to mergers in the monster master or know with which to merge the chaos warlod
    11. danxuye
      Robbe, really great map, but I can only find very less players to play, I hope there's a bot that constantly hosts game, for example like tbr before
    12. mateuspv
      only to inform:
      Some Priest spells heal the crystal in hyppos
    13. Nestharus
      Ok.. so I successfully did a 21,001 character long save/load code. Right now I'm working on a 21,000,001 character long save/load code ;o.

      Also, you can work this alongside your current save/load stuff, giving users the choice between cnping the data in and having it auto load =). However, if you have a 21 mil character code, obviously they can't cnp that all in, it'd take way too long ;p.
    14. Kurimuraz
      will monster master rpg be updated or it will be dead for forever ? :)
    15. Robbepop
      you don't need recipes to fusion two monsters.
      recipes are just informative items. ;-)
    16. avenger
      hey robbepop,how to combine fusion tier4.?where i must place the recipe when to combine..?
    17. gorillabull
    18. Robbepop
      I made it by myself and want to recode it because it is already very old ... :-/
    19. gorillabull
      hello robbepop i love the new hero the mentalist and the abilities especially mana shield is very imba :D can you tell me where you got your creep spawn system or is that something you made yourself
    20. Arhowk
      hey what model do you use for the warrior in goh ive seen it around but cant find it anywhere
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