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  • Getting up at nine in the morning to walk accross to the other side of town just for the possibility that the priest isnt there kinda kills my desire... but i really should start going...

    Anyways you kinda look like me if I actually put some control over my hair but instead I look like Robinzon Crusoe and Friday combined :/
    Dude, Actually That was My Suggestion
    I Don't Know Anything Related W/ Triggers And Jass Or Something Make Me Insane ..

    Dude Im Just An Advanced Terrainer
    Btw, Dude If You Make Some Map Just For Terraining VM At Me
    Any Related With War .. Or Anything.
    Hmh, maybe it was with a7x. I made it such a long time ago, just wanted to see what algorithms I used back then :p
    It's fine though :)
    Hey, do you happen to have that Tic Tac Toe-map?
    I seem to have lost it... weird, since I tend to keep all maps I receive.
    Well, whatever. I can't find it anymore and I would love to have it back again :D

    Will be posting on your map project after I finished reading my book btw.
    Blizzard: Ok guys, we ran out of ideas to name our crap in sc2. Any suggestions?
    Why don't we just take something from Warhammer and do what we always cuz we can't get sued since now we are with Activision.
    Ok seems legit.
    Well when a destructable is placed in the editor warcraft 3 has to keep track of a few things.
    1. Pathing
    2. Life
    3. Angle
    4. Animations
    5. Model
    6. Location

    Changing pathing in environment is as simple as it sounds. It does create an unfixable leak, but its much less than leaving a destructable in a map for the whole game.

    So the simple solution is to pick all destructables at map initialization, get their location. Remove them, place whatever pathing was there before you removed the destructable, and thats it.
    Yeah, sure :D
    Just... not right now. It's 2 in the morning and I have just had a terrible experience due to Blizzard failing at making functions logical (talking about unit groups, which are complete bullshit if you ask me :p).
    Seems nice :D
    Still needs a lot of work though :) (and I can't really test with multiple players, so that sucks for me).
    Hey Riot!
    Sorry for my slow reply, I've been on holiday and my computers behaving very "wobbly" I think I'm going to have to get a new one, whenever I connect to the internet everything seems to shut down or not work. The most recent version of the map is still safe though as I've copied it to my blackburry, its just so anoying, I'm writing this from a uni computer.

    I havnt been doing a great deal on the map for those reasons but I have got some stuff done, most notably Rune Stones which I think are looking pretty cool.
    ,,Nothing" !
    Only dead people does nothing. Except in War Craft :cgrin:
    We alive do something.... at least.
    I fixed some pathing and some terraing glitches where two doodads where at the same height which overlapped randomly and looked bad as the camera moved around. Also I mipped textures and the map size dropped from 656kb to 322kb.
    "Conclusion: Don't play DC, play SS. Even if you're a newbie, you'll notice the significantly better balance in SS. It's that noticeable. People whine like hell about SS balance, but its balance is still undebatably better than anything that came before, including DC.

    The general problem with DC is the fast teching speed, allowing for imba build orders that require no skill, no map control, and no versatility/adaptability in counter-gameplay. It's not necessarily that GK+Chp is too strong; they're beatable. It's that they come out too fast and too easily, with a focused BO."

    -Grey Knights are OP in DC now please admit it.

    Main thread on it.
    Oh yeah, the fear factor is a good point. It basically gives the rest of your army free reign to kill as much as possible while the enemy is desperately trying to take out that 'fearsome' unit.
    A meching Terran almost only has those kind of units ( + some vikings), so that's why I don't like playing against them :)

    And aren't you constantly building marines anyway? BC's take up a lot of gas, so I would assume you've got some leftover minerals.

    Yesterday was a bad day for me :p I won a few times, but I think it was like 3/5 (win/loss). I'm going to be off for the rest of the day, so no SC2 for me today.
    16 marines?
    Without micro, a BC kills 11 marines (with 12 marines, 2 survive).
    That's even less with either stim or shield.

    It isn't logical that you have upgrades when you're going for BC rush (unless you want to wait a while, and you will have at most +1 atk or def, not both - while marines can have +1/+1 already and maybe even both stim and shield).

    Then again: it is silly to go for a frontal assault against BC's.
    With micro, any number of vikings can kill a BC without a single viking getting killed (superior range + speed).
    I guess it is good against an unprepared opponent, but once he gets vikings out (and can do a minimum of micro), he will destroy the BC.

    HOWEVER, a BC has the advantage of being repairable, so a BC semi all-in would be pretty sweet I think.
    And I just do not like slow units. It's not the way I play the game, no matter how 'strong' it may be (just like I won't use the brood lord-infestor combo easily).
    Naw, Terran drops aren't cheese. A 4gate is way more cheesy than drops :p
    I wouldn't build BC with Terran though, they're too slow and don't have that burst damage like a group of Brood Lords. I prefer mobility, though it doesn't mean that it's always the best option :p
    But it is true that if you're going MMM, you want to finish the game more quickly. It becomes really hard if the game stretches out too long and you're up against T3 units.

    Sweet that you're ranked 2 :D
    You might advance pretty soon then, so it's best if you just kept going like that :)
    I guess I'm your average gold-level player :p

    Lost a few times, won a few. The forge FE didn't really work out for me... I could defend the first few waves, but when he saw he wouldn't breach me anytime soon, he just pinned me down to 2 bases while he expanded himself and when the time came, he crushed me :p

    Zerg is still my race of choice. Some Terran bunker-rushed my FE, but I kept my cool and built up 7 roaches to take down his bunker. With a nice timing attack I then crushed him (after seeing he expanded himself)
    Or that time when I went infestor-ultra versus another zerg who went mass roach. Fun times.

    Terran is a bit in the middle of those. I really don't like playing with them, but I'm still able to win a few matches with either some 2-base push, mech and/or constant drop harass.
    The drop harass is actually the only thing I like about Terran :p

    How's your laddering actually?
    Dam that's good, all you need is a video card and your set!

    Here is the Canadian version, we always get ripped off.
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