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  • If you have cared about me, you'd read the thread's last posts. I'm sick of explaining the same story for the 70th time. And I thought you've been my friend.
    Yeah, I'll miss their gig in a month time (opening for Alice in Chains), but I already saw them this year, and have seen AiC live. Sadly, don't have the money to allow myself to go to all the gigs I want.
    Hi, I read your most recent post on Northrend Map Development.

    I've been working on LTA for awhile and SDWs will be delayed for some time, if it is ever finished. I am using the rescouces for another map though.

    To save you having to find alternate textures/models if you include my name on the loading screen as an art contributor then I will happily drop the issue? If you do that you can use anything in that Skyrim Map I gave you. You have my word in writing on that.

    Those wall models I actually had to edit at the UV level so will be difficult to find something similar.
    And new chaos barracks will come soon! its made already but I need to make finish checking and fixing. My best work ever for now.
    Well, not bad. As you noticed, I uploaded two new models, that Chaos Pig Farm and Chaos mill (chaos mill needs little fix though), so I am busy with modeling.
    A couple years ago, yes. But varsaigen means Returning Warrior. :p Similar spelling. Vastly different meanings.
    Ok but pls only use those 4 textures as we agreed it the thread then.

    As for Skyrim, I really don't understand what you mean, the income system is based off Azzy wars which is in no way lacking strategic depth.

    As you know I don't like complicated systems that the player will find hard to understand or tedious to play, remember people on bnet have very limited attention spans. I am using the ethos "easy to understand, hard to master", which Skyrim will be.

    The income isnt just CP based, they get gold from the CPs which is like a tax but players must also find and harvest Iron ore from the landscape. Players can then trade Iron ore/gold. This adds alot of depth to the income system imo.

    It also is very fitting to Skyrim lore considering alot of the conflict centres around ownership of mines.
    The terrain does help, which is why I am so keen to keep it within Skyrim alone to begin with.

    I would rather you didnt release anything with rescorces from SDWs online until SDWs has been released first, it would be easy for one of your friends to upload that to MMH and then it's basicaly been "released".

    What do you mean, huge ceiling? Skyrims income system is based off Azeroth Wars, I didn't want to make it spawn based as I hate those sorts of games and Azeroth wars is prolly the most successful strategy game so its an income system that works. The original aspect will come from all the stuff we add like events and political factions.
    I happy to put that argument behind us and re-start work on Skyrim together, I am just finishing of the latest version of LTA and then SDWs will get my full attention.

    I'll do you a deal, if you hold off on releasing Northland RPG (inc demos) until after SDWs is complete you can use any of the resources from Skyrim (orginal or edits), including all the new stuff I have added since sending the map to you ages ago. That way we both get what we want?

    The main reason I kicked off was because I wanted those textures to be released in Skyrim before anything else. So players can see something truly unique.

    This could actually be quite good, it will force me to start working on and finally complete Skyrim lol
    Its a bad translation on a chinese bootleg CD of the avengers, here's the actual scene:

    What he actually said on the movie: "I'll tell you on the way. Can you fly one of those jets?"

    So are you saying you still want to work with me on Skyrim despite the argument we just had yesterday?
    While that's usually a long topic with a lot of depth and an oucne of philosophy to it, I'll try to summarize the reason for my beliefs.

    Liberalism, socialism, feminism and various ideologies often seem interested in shaping society after a template whereas I find nationalism (and certain forms of conservatism) strives to build a society around a biological reality (such as accepting the de facto differences in say intelligence and behaviour among various groups in society).

    A concrete example is that nationalism accepts that a ethnic and cultural homgenity is most of the time beneficial to a nation, as the opposite tends to lead to a more segregated, closed, society in which you don't care as much about the average citizen as you would if you and him had a lot more in common.

    The multiculturalism that has plagued the west for roughly half a century now has led to more or less no improvements for the indigenous peoples. The opposite actually; increased criminality, extreme costs etc. But it's not like nationalism is "finished" once a country is ethnically homogenous, or can't exist in a nation without a complex demography, it's essentially politics based around what's beneficial for a ethnic or racial group, in my case the Swedes.
    U have to watch this replay, I actually balanced the game right on the first try!

    Edit: I did that fight with no micro until the last 2 guys.
    Also the armies were not cost equal in terms of supply and build time.

    Swordsmen: 1200 gold 16 supply 80s
    Axemen: 1200 gold 15 supply 75s
    I got the joke. x)
    And I said yes to Amar. It was just too cute to resist. ;]
    im settling a qualm between a user who disliked my judging in a previous contest. might you judge my judging to see whether i was a bad judge? judging entry
    Man, that's such a good song :).
    Well, whatever songs they play, it's bound to be good :p. Don't really have an Opeth song I don't like (maybe Coil, but it would still be pretty cool live).
    Really? :O That's awesome!
    I've seen them live (the Watershed-tour), and they were brilliant.
    They played Reverie-Harlequin Forest back then, such a good song to play live :D.
    Ew, no! StarCraft 2 is meh for me. I'm more of a medieval fantasy kind of guy.
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