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Last Activity:
Jan 17, 2019
Jul 25, 2009
Mar 15, 1996 (Age: 23)


Nihilum, 23, from Uranus

RiotZ was last seen:
Jan 17, 2019
    1. Blood Raven
      Blood Raven
      nope, i dont...
      if you wonder where is my name from - Diablo II
    2. KayS
      Mmm, Sounds interesting... I was looking for something new and diferent to do, but, what kind of group is it?
    3. MasterHaosis
      O hai man!
      Well, nothing much here, except preparing for exams.
      What about you?
    4. Gausslander
      Our criminal network is endless!
    5. HailFireer
      also I challenge you to a game!
    6. Hemske
      Hm. I am afraid I can't say that I remember you mate. I recognize your nickname though. Guess the reason is that I have spoken some with you.

      Well, nothing much really. Getting pissed at mankind mostly. What about you?
    7. Traxamillion
      i have dawn of war and DoW 2 dont play them much anymore.
    8. Kanadaj
      taking it up will increase the delay :D lower it ot 0.10 I gave the attack order and I don't know what the problem is... And I'm low on time atm, try to post my triggers to the triggers section and ask for help ^^
    9. Apheraz Lucent
      Apheraz Lucent
      Well... Thanks :3
    10. Kanadaj
      what I did is just ordering every unit on the map to find an enemy within X units (if more than 1 then with the higherst agro) and attack it
      U can also lower the 0.5s rate, but not under 0.1 since then it can make a crazy lagg
    11. Wazzz
      damn hamachi not alerting me of things properly
      not too sure about Chaos outside of DoWpro, thing i recall most about them is they are RIDICULOUSLY powerful when you have Plasma Guns and Infiltration on Chaos Marine squads, it's just stoopid
      but mostly when i play dowpro Chaos i go macro mode and get the Obliterator Squad out, which annihilates everything so long as you keep them alive
    12. Wazzz
      what is my favourite race not dark eldar?
      i have no specific favourite race, i like dark eldar, eldar, chaos, orks
      all other races can eat a dick
    13. Wazzz
      orly? i do believe that will be a hard feight to accomplish, primarily because you won't specifically know what rush i'm going to go, but if there's something that can defeat the hellion rush specifically perhaps it can hold its own against the other rushes?
    14. Hugomath
      Lol indeed :P.

      My avatar is from BF 3 actually..
    15. Hugomath
      No. I've actually never played any of the Warhammer series.

      Why do you ask?
    16. Fingolfin
      Sorry, i gotta get up for work at 05.00 tomorrow, so i'm going to bed early.
      I sent you the IL4 though, have fun with it.
    17. Grey Nightmare
      Grey Nightmare
      Hey man :thumbs_up:
    18. Gausslander
      Ew. No. Just dudes.
    19. Gausslander
    20. MasterHaosis
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    Mar 15, 1996 (Age: 23)
    WarCraft 3 Account:
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    US East
    Favourite Race:
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    StarCraft II Account:
    RiotZ #260
    I'm an aspiring writer and game modder.


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