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Last Activity:
Jun 15, 2020
Jul 25, 2009
Mar 15, 1996 (Age: 24)


Nihilum, 24, from Uranus

RiotZ was last seen:
Jun 15, 2020
    1. Marshmalo
      I happy to put that argument behind us and re-start work on Skyrim together, I am just finishing of the latest version of LTA and then SDWs will get my full attention.

      I'll do you a deal, if you hold off on releasing Northland RPG (inc demos) until after SDWs is complete you can use any of the resources from Skyrim (orginal or edits), including all the new stuff I have added since sending the map to you ages ago. That way we both get what we want?

      The main reason I kicked off was because I wanted those textures to be released in Skyrim before anything else. So players can see something truly unique.

      This could actually be quite good, it will force me to start working on and finally complete Skyrim lol
    2. morbent
      xD WOW. K
    3. Orcnet
      Its a bad translation on a chinese bootleg CD of the avengers, here's the actual scene:


      What he actually said on the movie: "I'll tell you on the way. Can you fly one of those jets?"

    4. Marshmalo
      So are you saying you still want to work with me on Skyrim despite the argument we just had yesterday?
    5. Wolfe
      Northland's terrain makes me wet.

      jes sayin'
    6. Linaze
      While that's usually a long topic with a lot of depth and an oucne of philosophy to it, I'll try to summarize the reason for my beliefs.

      Liberalism, socialism, feminism and various ideologies often seem interested in shaping society after a template whereas I find nationalism (and certain forms of conservatism) strives to build a society around a biological reality (such as accepting the de facto differences in say intelligence and behaviour among various groups in society).

      A concrete example is that nationalism accepts that a ethnic and cultural homgenity is most of the time beneficial to a nation, as the opposite tends to lead to a more segregated, closed, society in which you don't care as much about the average citizen as you would if you and him had a lot more in common.

      The multiculturalism that has plagued the west for roughly half a century now has led to more or less no improvements for the indigenous peoples. The opposite actually; increased criminality, extreme costs etc. But it's not like nationalism is "finished" once a country is ethnically homogenous, or can't exist in a nation without a complex demography, it's essentially politics based around what's beneficial for a ethnic or racial group, in my case the Swedes.
    7. Reaper51
      U have to watch this replay, I actually balanced the game right on the first try!

      Edit: I did that fight with no micro until the last 2 guys.
      Also the armies were not cost equal in terms of supply and build time.

      Swordsmen: 1200 gold 16 supply 80s
      Axemen: 1200 gold 15 supply 75s
    8. Reaper51
      New RTS map!
    9. trolman
    10. Faith
      I got the joke. x)
      And I said yes to Amar. It was just too cute to resist. ;]
    11. Faith
      *Marry me maybe
      Do I know you? :]
    12. Vengeancekael
      None of those two.
      I'm just someone who likes Asians. /O/
    13. GhostThruster
      im settling a qualm between a user who disliked my judging in a previous contest. might you judge my judging to see whether i was a bad judge? judging entry
    14. ap0calypse
      Man, that's such a good song :).
      Well, whatever songs they play, it's bound to be good :P. Don't really have an Opeth song I don't like (maybe Coil, but it would still be pretty cool live).
    15. ap0calypse
      Really? :O That's awesome!
      I've seen them live (the Watershed-tour), and they were brilliant.
      They played Reverie-Harlequin Forest back then, such a good song to play live :D.
    16. Wolfe
      Ew, no! StarCraft 2 is meh for me. I'm more of a medieval fantasy kind of guy.
    17. ap0calypse
      That... that's actually a good song :P.
    18. Wolfe
      Nothing much, just chillin', killin'... Stryper listenin'!
    19. Wolfe
      What's happening amico?
    20. ap0calypse
      I never really checked those guys out, I thought they were less technical :P.
      The song "Voice of the Soul" is my favourite from that album at the moment, but there are some songs I don't really like (generic guitar/drums from time to time).
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    Mar 15, 1996 (Age: 24)
    WarCraft 3 Account:
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    US East
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    RiotZ #260
    I'm an aspiring writer and game modder.


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