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    AbyssNew_Cookie (Warcraft 3 Model)

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    AbyssNew_Cookie (Model)

    This is just one of the many models from TtoR, if you want them all click the link. Credits to the TtoR team and Rightfield. Keywords: TtoR, Chaos
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    I've had enough.

    oz02, unban wormskull NOW or I'll delete all my models from the model section and never upload a shit to this site again. There's alot of people who deserve banning alright but it's not wormskull. He even stopped the negative comments and you only banned him because of what other biased...
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    Dark Fiery Globe (Warcraft 3 Model)

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    Dark Fiery Globe (Model)

    Fiery globe. Camera add by General Frank. Keywords: sphere ball planet dark globe fire
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    hos vs ttor

    can't judge since heart of storm isn't released yet. And you can't compare em, since TToR is a melee mod while HoS is a singleplayer campaign.
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    Let's stop the offensive commenting movement

    Wormskull is obviously trying to improve here, so if I hear at least ONE critic against him from ANY of you, moderator or not you're gonna get warned. Now shut the fuck up.
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    How lucky am i?

    Being that optimistic about it isn't good. over 130000 people DID die. Now don't be so egoistic.
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    Wich war3 unit represnts u the best?

    No, Kil'Jadean, because archimonde got owned by wisps. And I'm not getting owned by you asses. :P And no he's not a spellbreaker because he can't reflect any flames back to the origin of them.
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    yes, spread the hate.
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    Copy and Pastes from other games

    If you're making a skin, copy paste as much as you want as long as the end resault looks good. If it doesn't then you're a moron and you can go and die.
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    shut up newb. I'm the only one allowed to spread hate around here, fuck off. Anyway, I can fix this site. If I just ask darky for admin powers. Though he's a bit much away for the time being and I won't bother to administrate anyway.
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    Wich war3 unit represnts u the best?

    nah your would be a sheep with spell immunity then. :P
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    Wich war3 unit represnts u the best?

    No. Pick something more realistic. You're not strong. Hell you're not even evil.
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    At first I thought this might be something about that tsunami thingy over in the east then I realize it's just some bull about WoW not working. That's not horrible news, that's not even news. Go away, I couldn't care less for WoW.