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    Gnomish Mage

    last gnome? thats a word ^^ make something BIGGER please ;) i dont say the model is bad but gnomes...i hate them since a long time
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    Make the Whole thing a Model which can move and so one...
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    Nice Idea i like it
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    Dwarven Ram Rider

    I got enough bodyguards to handle all dwarfs who could attack me! Maybe make something similar with a non dwarf!
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    Omg its a bug a GIANT BUG, run for your lives! I dont like bugs but its not bad so 3/5 ^^
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    introduce-yourself thread

    Hmm maybe i´m dumb but one question...isn´t it allowed to talk about what they wrote, or have we to use PM/ make another thread for that then? ^^ Or do you just mean general talk like about the "why the homossexuals are from Sweden?"?
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    NEW MAP 10 Heros Siege Swordemon v 2.1

    And whats different from the 2000 other hero siege maps?
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    Hero Suggestions

    Nice idea do you use them for a map or just some heroes?
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    Introduction of the Legend

    What i want to ask is, how you see that the avatars are from egg?!
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    131ue's Campaign RPG "Official Forum"

    The ideas shouldn´t be the biggest problem :P and the spellbook stuff sounds interesting, but there must be a drawback ^^
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    need help on cameras in my map

    Just use the Trigger to end the Cinimatic Event...
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    Test my new ETS beta

    Will check our map and tell you what i think about it
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    Introduction of the Legend

    Welcome here :P and why dont send him just a PM?
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    131ue's Campaign RPG "Official Forum"

    Finnally it looks like this project starts to roll again ;) of course i made the arrow for the compass but where to send it now, so you can look at it and see if it is what you wanted in the first place ;) Oh yeah of course i forget to mention that i´m now called RH.Vol :P
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    Little Problem @ Mods

    Yeah you know actually i´m not Volrath(see the off topic thread related to this :P) and i noticed that you can change your Name in the Profile,but it dont work, just dont change anything and it is set back to Volrath. I dont really have a problem with the name Volrath, but of course its my...