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    hello nhocklanhox6, how can I increasing the duration of Sound Wave in triggers?
    Of course you can !
    "When suzumebachi at level 5 and targeting golem or enemies, a messages colored yellow appeared and said "The creature is more powerfull". What should i do?"

    Sorry but i don't understand what you said >.<, send me the map and tell me your problem again, thank ^^..
    sorry, mungkin agak malam
    di warnet komputernya susah, saya mau cari komputer yang bagus
    jadi mau tunggu orang lain selesai
    world editornya aja sampai 10 menit baru muncul =.='
    hm, ngga bisa
    harus base ability yang "Target" dan "Buff"
    Kalau mau saya buatin, tunggu ya =P
    tapi saya hanya edit punya elphis
    Elphis menggunakan "Doom" sebagai base ability, kalau pakai Doom terhadap target creep diatas level 6 kalau tidak salah akan muncul tulisan seperti itu
    solusinya, ganti Doom dengan ability yang lain (Channel)
    kalau kamu kesulitan, bisa saya bantu membuatnya =)
    (Random integer number between 0 and 100) Less than or equal to (60 + (5 x (Level of Unknown (A001) for (Triggering unit))))

    -.-, change Unknown (A001) to Suzumebachi [Q] and it will work >.<
    Ahaha, confused again.

    (Random integer number between 0 and 100) Less than or equal to (35 x (10 x (Load 1 of SUnitHandleId from Hashtable)))

    change Load 1 => Load 2

    (Random integer number between 0 and 100) Less than or equal to (35 x (10 x (Load 2 of SUnitHandleId from Hashtable)))

    Sorry ^^~
    Reza! :D
    you must tell me when your map is done.. we can play it together :)
    i love bleach you know
    Did you ever read what I said? As I see from these messages I guess not. Please, get lost...
    I don't even understand this....
    Btw. I checked your message because you asked it again. Now I see you wanted to make it higher with each level too. Fixed.
    Arithmetic - 2000+(Arithmetic - (Arithmetic - Level of Impaling Arrow for IACaster[IAIIndex]*20)*level of IACaster[IAIndex])
    It's not an integer...
    Arithmetic - 2000+(Arithmetic - 20*level of IACaster[IAIndex])
    There is no spell init trigger. I used a spell calling system by Maker. You could just change the event to Unit starts the effect of an ability and change the condition to the trigger's ability.
    You didn't even gave me a fukken description of what do you want. Why do expect me to do anything then? So no.
    First of all, you didn´t gave me neither any sample video nor info abou the spell and what it should do. Until you don´t fix that I can´t do anything. Secondly, don´t spam the same requests. Last but not least I don´t know if I will able to do it. Atm I´m working on my and one of my friend´s project.
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