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  • Can u make it in GUI I don't know how to use jass. Also which ability is for gold and which is for lumber it is confusing
    In Heaven's Fall how u make those races that auto harvest gold mine can u show me some triggers of the voidspawn harvest.
    Good Luck on Heaven's Fall, Just Played Zear, 4 v 4 v 4 Normal computer, Owned Everyone (I always owned by AI in Melee Game tho)
    Not Sure if the HF AI's Hero is Dumb
    Feel free to ask from me custom animation that is not too hard Xd just one animation make me feel bad taking one space for credits
    Well whatever logo you like to use, or just use my avatar (of it's too much file size or wanting an in-game icon)

    If want inhale icon, then I will just choose illidan?
    Busy huh? Rarely see you Online, If you need custom animation, that have lots of unit need, that you want to use Matrix eater to transfer them, I would happily do that, :p though please don't give time limit
    Reputation (+1):
    (Post) +rep for hacking the planet... or rather a wc3 map's OE data
    Actully, I found out that most problems could be because of late version of java. So I upadated it manually and it is working just fine :)
    i have an idea of a modeling tool... but im not sure if you can help xp
    i only have idea and i cannot code :p
    but i think is possible
    PM Me if you're interested
    Greetings. Iam having a problem, dont know how to fix it. I am trying in merging two models using both animations in matrix eater...but when I click import in matrix eater an choose another model - nothing happens. Can you please help me find the answer, what might be wrong?
    Hi !
    I love your mod.
    I would like also make a mod.
    Do you know where I can find explanations to help me ?
    In advance thank you
    Hey, if you're bored, don't forget

    ...Retera's Hopefully Not-Ugly Rendition of Therazane...
    Fellow modeler! It's been a while since the last one, but the next modeling contest is finally on its way. Help us determine the theme for the 27th Hive Workshop Modeling Contest!
    Hey Retera, ever considered using the method I made public here for your stuff? The reason I am asking is because it'd be nice to play your mod on official servers with almost anyone.

    When your done could I do it for you if you don't want too? I can make an installer so people don't even have to download separate files and put them into a folder, the installer would do it for them and then all they have to do is just two clicks basically or well hopefully. I still am learning installers myself.
    I have a question regariding the matrix eater...
    In earlier versions, sometimes the import function simple didn't work on certain models. Clicking on the import button nothing happened at all. But that were just certain models.

    When I try to do it now although, it doesn't work at all, with no model. Am I missing anything new I should have installled? I have the newest java version.
    Nope was using original furion
    (That's why I put "Mal" in parentheses, indicating "Furion or Malfurion"...)
    That's what I was afraid of. :<

    Like I said though, if you're already making that hero I could probably make a different one
    Eeehhh... Well, while I'd honestly enjoy/appreciate that, it'd be unfair & hypocritical of me to ask you to do so (especially after telling other contestants that "other people using your model? no problem!"). So if you have other ideas, go ahead... But don't change solely for me. :<
    Messed around this evening and worked on a Arch-Druid hero concept (hero version of druids).

    It's still kinda buggy, and the legality of submitting it would need to be assessed because it currently runs on the Heaven's Fall v2 script library imported into the map (which is primarily Vexorian's Caster System and Spell Template System).

    So, to reiterate, this attachment is totally just a WIP.
    So... You don't happen to be using (Mal)Furion, do you? :<...
    I think you can update tools, yes oO might wanna consult with ralle

    readme is always a neat thing to have.. tho some people really feel 'operated' of learning-from-text, skill <.<
    I would appreciate your feedback on the recent Naga addition to my project and any thoughts you have on where to take them.
    Y'know, you really should upload your matrix eater as a tool, because it already does so much and it definitely should be in your resources section :)

    you can, of course, continue with the one on your thread as well
    Hey I tested the models in game. The Sealed Python does eventually go away now but it shrinks down to a very small model and then sits there for a few seconds.
    Sounds like some legit ideas! Maybe sometime soon I'll get to doing this, been messing around with the idea of "Heaven's Fall 2" (which would probably more accurately just be a very big remastering/finishing of existing content and ideas) and gotten myself distracted.
    Glad you think so (was worried you'd be frustrated or whatever). Let me know when you get a chance to take a whack. : )

    And if you're version of "messing around" is what I've seen on the 'Heaven's Fall' thread ("stoneshaper, thunder lord, pseudo-Protoss, baby Furbolgs, etc)... Well then I say 'keep messing around'. :p

    On a side note, some people have asked me if they could have the Bom-bat-ier you made. I directed them to you (since you made it), but they said you weren't answering them. So is it OK if I let people have it (If I decide to release it)?I really thought I had somebody ask me this question also, and I thought I had forwarded that request into a private message headed your way, but maybe I hadn't done that right.
    I'd say before any more time goes on of us asking each other, let's OK them using it for the bettering of all future warcraft content but ask them to give credit to the idea designer as well as the model designer (us) for their combined efforts.

    I'll go see about responding to the PM I'm remembering, in case I really never did.
    Sure, sure. Actually, while I'd love credit (ideas is all I do, & it's free advertising!), I won't be bent out of shape if not; I mean, it's really rather simple ("souped-up/different Batrider"), and Ideas usually come from so many places...
    Mind if i ask for one more thing?

    Would it be possible to send me a version of the Void God model where its height is lowered so that the tip of the [tail?] touches the ground?
    Nice try, buddy. :< Oh well.

    For future reference, you can simply add Rep to anyone you like by clicking the little "plus/minus" icon somewhere on their post below their Avatar. If you have a list of people who've helped you, as long as you alternate sufficiently you can double- and even triple-rep them.

    Hope that answers your questions.
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