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Jan 17, 2020 at 10:48 PM
Apr 19, 2008

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Retera — Tool Reviewer

Retera Model Studio

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Jan 17, 2020 at 10:48 PM
    1. Skyfira
      Ah, I'm in community college at the moment so you're probably much busier than I am. That being the case, feel free to send me The Risen buildings whenever its convenient for you. I'm not currently working on the race I plan to use them for just yet so take your time!
    2. Skyfira
      Oh, I also wanted to let you know that I used your Void God in my altered melee map! It's part of my demon race which i am working on first, then other races. The Void God is done but I still have a few things to finish with the race but I'd love to show it to you once I'm ready!
    3. Skyfira
      Of course! I would be more than happy to give credit to your and Glasir's work! I've actually been curious about The Risen for awhile and it gets me excited knowing that they're in the works.
    4. Skyfira
      Hey Retera! I was messing around with the Heavensfall editor and I came across some buildings of yours that I absolutely love.

      Here are the buildings I'm referring to:

      I wanted to ask you if I could use them, including their icons, in my map? I noticed that they are not within the Heavensfall mpq files in the "Project of Old" thread so I'm assuming these are newer models that you made. I'm assuming you have every intention to use these buildings so I hesitated to ask because I felt that it would be rude of me. Anyways, please let me know!
    5. Sunreaver
      So how is Heavens fall going
    6. Wietlol
      Hey Retera.

      I was wondering if Disarm would be able to do the exact opposite...
      Ripping the weapon from the model so they can be used as attachments.
      (Including all stuff like removing animations etc, but I guess that is obvious.)

      I suppose it wouldn't be hard to make because you already have almost everything to do it. And it would be pretty useful as well.
    7. Kam
      I would but I think the changes I want are significant: 1. Unit version 2. I love the three heads because they are so detailed and animated but I would like to see them on the standard hydra model body.

      I have been looking for an upgrade to the standard Hydra model and this is what I was thinking. I found it in a google image search of all places.
    8. Kam
    9. Misha
      well.. not really.. but if you could hook up with BlinkBoy http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/members/blinkboy/ and see how his efforts with sc2 are going, perhaps you two could make something to ease sc2 modelmaking. because let's be honest, i already feel like an oldie. i know only war3 format and i do not know if i would learn sc2 modding properly.. not sure if that's just me, but sc2 needs tools :xxd: better and easier than what Blizz gave us.. and not using 3ds max
    10. Misha
      Groovy :3 you are the unsung hero for war3 :xxd: or i'm just being silly

      I kinda wish something like that was for sc2 already.. Blizzard is pretty much killing the modding with odd updates to the model files
    11. Himperion
    12. [K40$]-Spectre
      Thanks I will try that.
    13. Kam
      No worries. If you would get it done this weekend I would appreciate it.
    14. Kam
      Have you had a chance to look at the spell?
    15. SNIper of DARKness
      SNIper of DARKness
      Where do I actually download your tool, I can't find it anywhere mind giving me a hand?
    16. [K40$]-Spectre
      Hi I managed to get the object and import data etc. load right as a mod, now only triggers. The problem is when I open the war3patch.mpq (or any other mpq, except for maps which load correctly) the names and structure is messed up. Everything just called Filexxx (e.g. File000000.mdx). So I can't find the Blizzard.j file in it. Do I open the mpq in a wrong way? (I use Ladik's mpq editor)
    17. [K40$]-Spectre
      wow thanks for the comprehensive reply, I will try it out :-)
    18. Misha
      :xxd: cool
    19. [K40$]-Spectre
      Thanks for replying, much appreciated! I have been toying with the 2 tools you linked me, 1 thing I have trouble with though is that when I run my created exe and load a map, it loads the same map (/my custom starcraft hybrids map) everytime instead of the selected map in the warcraft 3 menu. I probably create the mpq the wrong way. This is how I created the mpq / exe;
      * I created an new mpq,
      * openend my starcraft map and extracted all data,
      * than imported all the data in the new mpq
      * and created an exe of that new mpq with mpq draft (selected Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne as game)

      Do you know what I am doing wrong here?

      Also 1 more quick question, is it possible to add triggers to the mpq or to the exe?

      Thanks in advance!
    20. Misha
      Omg! Emergency! :xxd:

      dude you gotta tweak your tool's 'fetch' ability to get a model straight from a path, or otherwise show all of these hidden models, I just got asked how to get a hidden model, and i totally got stumped and ground to a confused halt :ogre_rage:
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    in Retera's signature, I used to have a footnote:
    "YouTube, with its hyper-intelligent suggestion API, will make all humans watch videos, reshaping their habits until they no longer do anything meaningful."

    for me, redwing.asingaurd is once you pass the threshold, that you can't really finish anything anymore, because you're not consciously making the effort to control your decisions to do something meaningful or reasonable


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