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Sep 25, 2020 at 4:17 PM
Apr 19, 2008

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Viewing thread Are Video Games Objectively Bad?, Sep 25, 2020 at 4:17 PM
    1. TheFrenchLeprechaun
      Hi! It's been a while! Are you alright?

      I'm back to work on the Peoples of Middle Earth project, are you still ready to give a hand with the MOD console?
      1. Retera
        Sure! I think I forget exactly how the code went together for that modding console, but I'm sure I still have it somewhere. I should try to get it on GitHub for you guys, if you're okay with it being open source like that.
        Dec 20, 2016
      2. TheFrenchLeprechaun
        Yeah why not! Do you need the current development map?
        Dec 20, 2016
    2. Hayate
      Hey I wanna ask if you know by any chance that you know that it is possible to export models with animation For FBX or DAE file into .mdx? :)
      1. Retera
        Hmm. I don't currently have any experience doing this, although I might be able to write an importer on the Matrix Eater if I spent a lot of time on it and found some Java libraries for FBX/DAE (similar to the OBJ importer the unreleased version has right now)
        Dec 20, 2016
      2. Hayate
        Ohh cool, if it is possible, and if you want, i could make an animation library for you to use :p like animating a bunch of stuff on a dummy model so that you can just choose which animation you want, and transfer it via matrix eater if you want it that is
        Dec 20, 2016
    3. wolgan666
      Hi Retera
      Can you explain me how to do this:
      - The player selected 100% => Race 1: Human
      - The player selected 90% => Race 1: Orcs
      - The player selected 80% => Race 3: Undead
      - The player selected 70% => Race 4: Night elves
      - The player selected 60% => Race 5: Human
      Thank you in advance.
      1. Retera
        Did you ever get a reply about this? I would've explained it but I was busy with college.
        Jun 1, 2017
      2. wolgan666
        No, I tried to do by myself, to watch your videos (despite that the mastery not as well English and that the video is blurry that I base that on the manipulation), to have explanations .. .. but I did not succeed
        Jun 2, 2017
    4. sarumanthecursed
      Hey Retera I was wondering if I could use some of your lost one model in Heavens fall for my up coming map?
    5. Astaroth Zion
      Astaroth Zion
    6. JesusHipster
    7. Ardenian
      Ah, good to hear, good luck with your internship!

      I don't want to open a barrel over another, but is MatrixEater going to support a simple export to OBJ, too ?
      The last feature missing in wc3 modelling, from my point of view.
      Hell, I cannot wait for the new MatrixEater version, the merge feature is going to make modelling soo much easier.
      I already prepared some generic models for myself. It is truly going to change a lot of things.
    8. dtnmang
      Hey there.
      How is your progress on the Matrix Eater?
      I happen to have my hands on the v1.18 pre-release version, but every time I open it keeps asking me for the game directory.
    9. Ardenian
      Hey, how is it going ?
    10. Ardenian
      Wow, great! I sent a few results via PM.

      I like the current setup, couldn't find anything that bothers me.
      Seems there are a few new features to check out for me. The particle addition is great!
      Now I can create my own death particles and easily add them ^^
      I wonder whether there could be a feature in the future allowing one to add generic animations,
      like Birth one. Not sure whether that's already covered, I use the merge feature to merge stuff,
      but a full merge of an animation would save a lot of time.
    11. Ardenian
      Ah I see, that sounds great!
      Hm, I understand. Do you think a data loss is acceptable since we aim for wc3 models ?
      Therefore information not being relevant for the wc3 engine could be exluded.
      If you ask me myself, I would be absolutly happy if it only supported mesh transfer,
      the data that is basically shown in a mdl file, or also less,
      like only the information about the model structure, vertices and stuff and
      the texture coordinates of the wrapping.

      I read a bit through some threads and it seems supporting animations is hell to do or not even possible in OBJ ?
      If it is after me, that could be easily exluded.
      My suggestion would be to import the mesh, vertices/tris and their texture coordinates, and then generate a bone as a node to attach everything to it.
      Similar to importing a geoset to Magos. Everything else would be great,
      but not necessary from the aspect of a modeller, I suppose.
      Our main concern is to be able to actually convert appropriately and if our
      favoured tool supports this feature, it would be awesome!

      About the texture paths being wrong, one can easily edit them, can't one ?
      For me myself this would be an aesthetically aspect that is not absolutly required to use the tool.

      I would be more than ready to test converted files and compare them to the original ones!
    12. Ardenian
      Good to hear! :) I look forward to it and the official release of the MatrixEater in the tools section!
      By the way, is the extension going to be vice-versa, export and import ?
      From what I know there is no popular stand-alone way to convert to OBJ or other file types.
    13. Ardenian
      Hey, did you receive the Pastebin link and the files from Chen, Misha and me ?
    14. JesusHipster
      Hello there! Would you like to collaborate on a small tool? i've seen your weapon remover and then it came to me - using the same interface of choosing a unit and changing 1 - 4 lines of code within the model one could make a universal tool that generates effects using dummies like those: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/models-530/customizable-buffs-276934/

      But unfortunately i don't know anything about coding. I might know what stuff should be edited in MDL via script to change the attached effect but not how to make it. What do you think?
    15. Ardenian
      Of course, that's absolutly in my interest.
      I am going to send you package via PM.
    16. WerBackIII
      Yeah, that would be rad and totally needed!

      Would you like that? Recently I PM'ed a couple of people with some instructions and resources to help them do this, but if it's lost in the PMs then only one person has access to it.
      You know you are able to see your sent emails, right?
    17. Sunreaver
      still need them
    18. Ardenian
      It would be awesome! Finally having a stand-alone OBJ plugin not being bound to
      registration or pay-to-use would make many people kiss your feet, trust me.
      Many great users of Hive, like Hayate and Zwiebelchen showed interest in the past.

      MatrixEater is a great tool, I use it over Model Editor.
      The feature to import OBJ would be awesome!
      I wait for that day!
    19. WerBackIII
      Hey, Retera, I see that you have some experience with creating custom EXE mods for WarCraft 3 (including the custom DLLs).

      I do assume it is not an easy task, but I could not find any information online on what can be achieved with a custom MPQ archive, library and application, nor there was info on how to do so. Do you have any tips regarding those questions?
    20. Ardenian
      Ahh, I see, I look forward for its official release!
      I am not sure whether tools are still moderated, so you might have years
      after submitting it to change and add information.
      By the way, could, in theory, the MatrixEater support file types like Obj or 3ds one day?
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    in Retera's signature, I used to have a footnote:
    "YouTube, with its hyper-intelligent suggestion API, will make all humans watch videos, reshaping their habits until they no longer do anything meaningful."

    for me, redwing.asingaurd is once you pass the threshold, that you can't really finish anything anymore, because you're not consciously making the effort to control your decisions to do something meaningful or reasonable


    One time I texted to a Blizzard employee, "Reforged is bad."
    The employee replied, "It's not bad."
    It turns out, he was right. Sometimes the most concise discussions are the best ones.
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