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Sep 30, 2020 at 6:35 PM
Apr 19, 2008

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Retera — Tool Reviewer

Retera Model Studio

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Sep 30, 2020 at 6:35 PM
    1. Kyrbi0
      Have you ever thought about uploading the model requests you do? I know many of them you might consider "too small", but many others aren't and would greatly enhance the diversity of the Model section (I'm lookin' at you, Coral Golem and Flaming Pegasus :P). Moreover, it would catch the attention of others in a positive way (towards Heaven's Fall, your MatrixEater, the Request topic, etc).

      Just a thought.
    2. Kaizer
      hey there Retera, checkout your MatrixEater thread, got some questions and suggestions there for you
    3. Deolrin
      Could you explain to me how, for example, can I transfer the Marine's animations to the Headhunter, while keeping the Headhunter animations?
    4. Deolrin
      Hmm. Forgive me if this was answered in the thread already, but, can the Matrix Eater transfer animations without destroying the previous animations? And does it do so better than Oinker's AnimTransfer tool? I'm just asking, because I'm working on a model, and I was wondering if I could use your tool, for a change. ^^
    5. RedClaw
      Thanks bro! Its awesome!
    6. RedClaw
      Yo what model is your avatar?
      can i have it?:D
    7. MasterTrainer
      Whew can I download Oinkerwinkle's model editor?
    8. Kaizer
      upload the latest MatrixEater :ogre_rage:
      please I'am begging you :grin:

      no seriously, it's hard to work with the bugs :/
    9. MasterTrainer
      Yeah never mind my previous question.

      Can you give me a link to the tools you use in modelling?
    10. MasterTrainer
      Hey there :)

      How come you aren't active in the Workshop anymore?
    11. Kaizer
      Omg... That's some epic model, what did you use as base model?
    12. Kaizer
      hey, are finished with the Troll Batrider? maybe I can help
    13. Kaizer
      forget about my last question :grin:
    14. Kaizer
      you mentioned gonna help on the pure fire dragon request, how are you gonna do this again?
    15. Kaizer
      Have you started with all of this? Because maybe I can if you haven't started yet

      Edit: resourceful is just resourceful :grin:
    16. Kaizer
      can you give me a list on what you're working on right now
    17. Kaizer
      Uhhh... i don't speak programmer yet... So I pretty much didn't understand what you wrote :grin: one question, what is the difference of v0.10 I think... Than v0.11 on your matrixeater?
    18. Kyrbi0
      So where's your avatar from? Looks interesting.
    19. Kaizer
      I don't really know what rectangle-line display really means, but in Mdlvis when you press F it shows the texture of the model
    20. Kaizer
      Another question (I hope I'm not getting irritating :grin:)
      Will you put a view texture like the one on Mdlvis? Or built-in animation controller? :grin:
      It's useful so you do not have to go and test it ingame just for you to see if it works
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    WarCraft III: Heaven's Fall

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    Final Alliance
    The Risen
    High Elves; Wielders of Mana
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    in Retera's signature, I used to have a footnote:
    "YouTube, with its hyper-intelligent suggestion API, will make all humans watch videos, reshaping their habits until they no longer do anything meaningful."

    for me, redwing.asingaurd is once you pass the threshold, that you can't really finish anything anymore, because you're not consciously making the effort to control your decisions to do something meaningful or reasonable


    One time I texted to a Blizzard employee, "Reforged is bad."
    The employee replied, "It's not bad."
    It turns out, he was right. Sometimes the most concise discussions are the best ones.
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