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Last Activity:
Sep 20, 2018
Mar 28, 2010


The Shapeshifter, from Romania

RedClaw was last seen:
Sep 20, 2018
    1. Map Designer
    2. Codric
      Your right, we should just ignore him.
    3. trolman
      No he'll come back eventualy and restore order.
    4. neo_sluf
    5. DESTROYER123
      Thanks :D
      Since school is over I'll focus on it and it will soon be finished ;)
    6. DESTROYER123
      Btw the back ground is a real icon.
      I didn't make it:ogre_hurrhurr:
    7. DESTROYER123
      Hey friend!
      Whaz up?
      I added a more planets to the screen and background. Also I made the rift blend with it.
    8. Roland
      Hey Amigo~! How're you? It's been a while since I didn't talked to you xD
    9. Retera
      My avatar is the Walking Graveyard, a Risen defensive structure from a yet-to-be-realeased Risen civilization in the Heaven's Fall mod.

      I made a little pack for you that you can get here if you want to use it, but please give me credit (and maybe credit worldtree91 for the idea too!)

      I think the pack should have everything, although I'm on a linux machine and couldn't check with the editor if I had the right files. The basic idea is this:
      WalkingGraveyard model has a Sprite First attachment point, you can put a SkeletonSmallBack attached to it, and then have the WalkingGraveyard model do its throwing attack animation, and have a Sphere ability that makes the skeleton disappear off of its back mid-attack. That way, it appears to throw the skeleton off of its back. Its projectile art can be "Skeleton_Missile" (I think I got the right one of the developmental model versions, let me know if it's off) and then when it lands you can make a skeleton with the "SkeletonRoyal" model which will make it appear between the missile death and unit birth animations that the thrown skeleton busts to pieces (we have it to AoE damage) then forms back together into a unit that can fight for a short duration.

      Or, you could just use the WalkingGraveyard model if you want to do that too. It's "Attack Alternate" is more normal, it just bashes stuff with its spider-half.
    10. DESTROYER123
      RedClaw, :cgrin:
      Whaz up men.
      Just passing by to say a hi.
      I'm adding more planets on your screen just tell me if you are in a hurry.
    11. DESTROYER123
      Hey man!
      I had been working on the screen for a long time but in my counrty exam season has started so it is moving slowly.
      I made some planets and I'll add more if I find time.
      Looks a bit fancy to me.
      I'll mabe do things with the background (add galaxies or use a space photo to look more like space).
      Check the process of the current wip:
    12. DESTROYER123
      Here is it with the mini planet version.
      I will add more planets just check this one to see how it looks.
      I'll add the red planet's cracks when I finish with the small planets:
    13. DESTROYER123
      You want me to remove all the red big planets and create only 1 big with cracks at the top of the void?
      Aslo sorry for spamming you with pics and questions.
    14. DESTROYER123
      Does this looks like blending?
      I just removed the stars and I think they made the hole look bad:
    15. DESTROYER123
      So do you want me to create thousands of little planets??
      It's not difficult just I can't leave the background black.
      Also tell me the coulours of the planets (yellow blue green et.c.).
      I'll make them the same as the red ones but smaller.
      Also I'll fix the hole's borders.
      Glad you like it :D
    16. DESTROYER123
      Here's the 3rd wip with a better void.
      Tell me if you need to add some "tails" on it:
    17. DESTROYER123
      Here's a second wip with improved planets.
      I'll add the planet's destruction later.
      Also the void does not look very good.
      I'll might improve it.
    18. defskull
      At this rate, you should hire a Spell Maker and it's not me.
    19. DESTROYER123
      I have found a way to make epic planets!
      I'll just remove the planets you see and create better ones.
      Just tell me your opinion about the else stuff.
      Here's a planet model:
    20. DESTROYER123
      If you don't like any color or something else inform me in advance before I continue to Wip 2.
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    Current Project:
    The Ash Tear
    WarCraft 3 Account:
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
    Favourite Race:
    Favorite Organization/Clan:
    I Hunt, I Consume, I Become something more...

    Terrain,Artwork,Video Making,Story Writing


    Yahoo! Messenger:
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