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Oct 5, 2017
Dec 10, 2008

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Oct 5, 2017
    1. Fingolfin
      EDIT: Read the below post first :)

      The first icon i need is a simple stack of bills for my exuivalent of the gold resource, in the map called "currency". It should be 32x32 on a black background, with no parts of the bills touching the border (it will look bad in the UI). If you have any own ideas on how to depict it, go ahead.

      The second is the three types of armor that armored vehicles use; light, medium, and heavy. The general theme should be the front of a tank body, increasingly more armored (this is a nice example of extra welded armor plates that could give nice detail).

      i fully understand if you don't have time for this, but i would be really thankful if you could.
      You are truly one of the most talented skinners on this site. :)
    2. Fingolfin
      Although i'm not a fan of the custom of asking people personally for favors (i know you get alot of people doing that), i'm going to have to ask if you could help me with a very quick task.
      I am currently working hard on my World in Flames project, and am in need of a couple of icons to depict a couple of the different armor/damage types.
      I have no problems making skins for my models, but somehow i can't seem to handle the perspective and definition that icons require, and i really think your gritty style fits my project.

      i wil post the request in a second post, hang on.
    3. Rajaco
      i need a skin, can u make it for me pls
    4. WherewolfTherewolf
      In fact, a terrain like this is near impossible to make AND make it look good, I dont even think some of the most experienced terrainers could make such a terrain look very good
      Keiji has once again deemed a terrain type impossible - this time it is a cave by the ocean (here's the thread - man the terrain in it is pretty ugly - Link).

      Figured you'd like an opportunity to prove him wrong again
    5. Nichita_00
      Kay, no problem xP If you happen to have spare time on your hands please tell me, I'd be happy to have your skins in my map :D
    6. Nichita_00
      Red, are you here? :/
    7. Nichita_00
      Hey, Red, I'm working on a project and I was wondering if you'd like helping with the graphical part (I want to give it a graphical overhaul and give it another feel)

      It would require you to work alot, and maybe you're busy, but I'd really appreciate your help. If you're interested, just VM/PM me back.
    8. shamanyouranus
      "Richard B. Riddick. Escaped convict. Murderer."
    9. HappyCockroach
      dats wad i am ololo!!11

      I didn't see it before...I'm not checking the skin section all the time...not mah business. :P
    10. HappyCockroach
      put that slum skins in the skin section plox! :ugly:
    11. supertoinkz
      Okay, thank you very much.
    12. supertoinkz
      Can I ask if you still have that bullet particle emitter? If yes, can I borrow it?
    13. Latecat
      [00-22-23] Midnighters: mare, Tank-Commander, aaron has left hive permanately
    14. Nichita_00
      So, would you like to help me with a project? :>
    15. dead-man-walking
      What the forx? 75 Posts?!?!?!?!
    16. Dromlexer
      Loves your "BMP Poo" comics
    17. Notusedbefore
      You know what I think would look awesome in your style? The iron golem thing. Mountain giant is already amazing. But there really isn't enough golems...
    18. Sheephunter
      Red, Can I use those you sended to Nichita_00? realy need em in my map right now, + i give credit :P
    19. Nichita_00
      Would you like to help me with something?
    20. Hawk
      Can i have that desert pack tile for my zm_map ?
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