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Last Activity:
Apr 23, 2017
Feb 26, 2006
Russian Federation


User, from Russian Federation

Almost (laughing). Apr 23, 2017

Red XIII was last seen:
Apr 23, 2017
    1. Red XIII
      Red XIII
      I am really busy in last time.
    2. viktor1995
      what is the next thing what do you do?
    3. supertoinkz
      can you make wc2 human foundry first please :)
    4. kevinjoha
      post them on another site :)
    5. viktor1995
      Why Do they always delete your models? all of them is fantastic and everybody love them...
    6. kevinjoha
      why? and btw fix that Cape and hood on him then release him again! he is already frikking good made!
    7. Red XIII
      Red XIII
      The Pirity delete it :(
    8. kevinjoha
      What did you do with the Chogall model?
    9. Tau Empire
      Tau Empire
      Red can you explain why is the Beta Necropolis topic closed? Cause I always wanted to use the beta Necropolis instead of the WC3 one just like the box art for Reign of Chaos showed lol.

      I ain't gonna give you a +rep for the mage's tower, cause it really was poorly made, compare to your other WC2 buildings.
    10. punwisp
      See? Your getting shit loads of rep now, with just these models... Upload lots more and youll double your rep
    11. Felsong
      Hello, I'm a big fan of your work! Right now I'm using all of your models in my WC 2 project, it's almost finishe, I just need to balance a little bit and a few new models. I would like to ask you if you could make the Elven Lumber Mill model from Warcraft 2. I'venever seen this model on WC 3 before, and it would be great for any WC 2 mod (including mine).

      Thanks very much!
    12. HappyCockroach
      Don't you think that the Ivory Tower could use only in-game textures?
    13. Linaze
      I too would like the ones with custom textures. They look SO much better imo.
    14. Red XIII
      Red XIII
      I think about it.
    15. HandCLAW
      Great that you bring back your wc2 remakes here... Though, I wonder, wouldn't it be possible to also upload a pack with the original models that don't use the standard textures? (If you still have them, that is...) To be honest, I prefered them. <,<'
    16. Linaze
      Btw, did you ever do a Orc Barracks? ^^
    17. Linaze
      Thanks for taking back your wc2 models to this site!
    18. Red XIII
      Red XIII
      You know russian language? If not - the campaign most useless for you. It was my first work with WE and i not use jass, only gui, some units do not change(or change sligthly) and i do all campaign myself from start to the end, so it was have only five acts.
    19. HandicapCoco
      Hi dude, if I knew you have made some kick-ass models... Oo I've tried it in a WC2 map, just the T2 and T3 town hall are bit less nice. I've red you made an orcish campaign (Twilight Hammer, right ?), but I didn't find it anywhere, have you deleted it too ? I'd really like to try it !
    20. punwisp
      Hmm I tried looking for models by you, like a long list, but I couldnt find any other then a couple on the site. Do you have a link to a list of models by you? Like your wc2 models and such?
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    Russian Federation
    Current Project:
    BETA Rise_project
    WarCraft 3 Account:
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
    Favourite Race:
    Favorite Organization/Clan:
    Dark Iron
    Anime,WC,Warhammer and more else.


    Don`t worry.Be Happy!
    Be happy NOW!
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