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Last Activity:
Apr 23, 2017
Feb 26, 2006
Russian Federation


User, from Russian Federation

Almost (laughing). Apr 23, 2017

Red XIII was last seen:
Apr 23, 2017
    1. Rezzak
      Hey, just wanted to say that your models are fantastic and if you were ever up to it I know that we would love to get the rest of the collection - stables, refineries, foundry!
    2. supertoinkz
      Hello, are you still there? Making wc2 models? =)
    3. HappyCockroach
    4. Red XIII
      Red XIII
      Ok. I make human stable. In near future. Maybe in near week (from date of this post).
    5. viktor1995
      hy red XIII. Whats with you. Will you make more warcraft 2 model? I realy need them for my remake :S
    6. Red XIII
      Red XIII
      Ok, but Blizza guys create good icons in Wc II.
    7. NFWar
      Sabrewolf619 asked me to create icons for your building model. Do you give me permission to create it?
    8. viktor1995
      the stronghold and the fortress include in the great hall. Also he made an ogre mound, but that rejected or he deleted. Mage tower was made too.
    9. Lord-Of-Shadows
      You really do make the best warcraft 2 mods that I have seen. Will you be making the orc stronghold, orc fortress, orc shipyard, orc oil refinery, ogre mounds, stables, mage tower ect models still?
    10. supertoinkz
      when would you make the human foundries and refineries :D
    11. Verhalthur
      Your Warcraft 2 Orc Foundry and Temple of the Damned models were included in the Outland UTM.
    12. horneastefan
      well...hope you ok dude :D,yur the best...i wanted to tell you if is there a chance to put some plants as textures ...or something like adding textures on your all buildings,...but only when yur ready :D.Good luck! hope yur not depressed of a girl -.-...i have the same prbl...
    13. uvazquez
      Hope you feel OK... your models are awesome :)
    14. Red XIII
      Red XIII
      I am in depression. Ineed time to be alone.
    15. viktor1995
      what's with you Red XIII?
    16. punwisp
    17. viktor1995
      oh sorry, my english not the best and "I have seen you've done the buildings." i translate this to: I have see you complete with the buildings :S. Sorry
    18. punwisp
      I never said he done all the buildings, you misread what I said.

      Did you make any of the human units? I have seen you've done the buildings.
      As in hes done wc2 buildings, but I haven't seen any wc2 units besides the ogre mage, which was my question, besides the ogre mage I haven't seen any wc2 units from him, only buildings.
    19. viktor1995
      Punwisp: no we don't have all of the buildings. We don't have for example human foundry
    20. punwisp
      Did you make any of the human units? I have seen you've done the buildings. it would be awesome to see some human wc2 units. like the paladin, or even there footman.

      Also when you gonna upload some of your other models? I saw the spree stopped
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    Russian Federation
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    BETA Rise_project
    WarCraft 3 Account:
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
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    Dark Iron
    Anime,WC,Warhammer and more else.


    Don`t worry.Be Happy!
    Be happy NOW!
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