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  • Not really sure about which. Might try to work on it some today. Don't hold up for me though.
    Yussir. I play tomorrow. Map is ready for testing again, I rebalanced the damage system. Commanders can no longer be trampled by cavalry and Slaanesh is playable now... I still have 1 ability to add for he/she/it to be equal with the other paths.
    Get online MSN as soon as you're back... We've got to run a test of my map, it's going to be sick.
    Not that i can think of. I do have lots of variations of environmental doodads and textures though that you might find use of.
    No, just go ahead. Let me know if you need any WiF model (if you haven't managed to extract them already)
    There's not that big a difference between Leopard firepower and Abrams fire power... Plus the Abrams has a stabilizing chassis which allows it to fire with the same accuracy moving, as it has sitting still...

    Also I think Blizzard finally boned Zerg in the ass like they deserved... They did an update and now 10 hours of maintenance, seems like a lot for a balance update. :\
    What that noob didn't explain is that Leopard tanks don't have reactive armor, and M1 Abrams do. I'd say Abrams are better armored, Leopards are faster, only two differences imo.
    Here's the link to the Crossbowman models;
    Bandit Version : Bandit Crossbowman
    Militia Version : Conscript

    Let me know if you need another variation of the Crossbowman model...
    Well... I did uploaded a Bandit Crossbowman on Hive... But the Model Moderator insist that the model 'Require Fixing' before approval... And I also did a Militia Crossbowman for someone too... I assume you are looking for this Crossbowman...?
    Hi there!
    Just to let you know that I have completed making your Footman Archer model that you requested...
    You can retrieve the model here : Foot-Archer
    I have test it in-game and it works...
    I kinda of cheated in my system, i use the units turn rate from the object editor, it works really well, giving it a .1 makes it do big loops while giving it a 1.00 makes them turn in really tiny circles, also increasing the units speed makes the circles bigger.
    If you want something that gives you a little more control over the units attack runs VM me and i will work on it.
    That sounds great, gonna have to get msn though, haven't had that installed for years. :)
    Does it work with the web messenger?
    Sorry i haven't been responding, i was on a festival the entire last week and haven't had access to the internet (or showers)
    You should get online for like 15 minutes before I go, so I can show you how to pwn muta/bane/ling with just marines and medevacs.
    Ah snap. I figured out how to perfectly spread marines and minimize bane damage to a point of non-existence.
    It will be done in no time once i pat it some attention. I promise i will try to have it done before next month.
    What am I linking? I linked the RP closure. There's nothing else to it. It was random, unforewarned. We didn't do anything to cause it.
    Nope, you know what? After today. I think I'm done with Hive, done with Warcraft. Done with assholes.

    WCAND would've helped bridge wc3 and sc2, but I'm not sure I want to be a part of either of those communities anymore.

    On the bright side, I'll have more free time, we should hang out (not here) some time. :p
    Ye. That's why I usually play gigantic maps, because by the time you scout me and move your troops situation already changed. I just like to build up, and I would like others to build up so we can have a full on war, not just 50 doodz fighting other 50 doodz. That's why I loved supcom and stronghold crusader.
    I get if your in a tournament or ranked game, but when laying with friends, I enjoy more massive armies and epic battles.
    You spying on me. And that was more about games that can last very long, like EE, where you like to rush stone age(we didn't play, thews were your words), not regular ones like wc3, sc2 or DoW.
    Well, he has replays of him playing diamonds... And then again he played Idra lol.

    He was a cool dude though, not a dick.

    I watched some of his replays... His macro isn't much better than mine (as funny as that sounds) he's just got really bad ass micro... He beat like 12 stalkers, 3 zlots, and an immo with 7 marauders and 2 evax.
    Platinum #6... I'm just shredding plats now... Almost Diamond...

    Also I asked EmpireBeasty, currently #2 in NA if he would 1v1 me, he said no, rofl.
    Hi Reaper:

    I've answered your post :)

    I hope you enjoy my site and feel comfortable there. And don't forget to submit your stuff there.
    Yeah it's pretty damn tough... I had to do 4 run throughs of it, because I either forgot to save, or the Moth Priests knew I was trying to steal the scroll...

    And the ghosts are really tough... The Skeletons were all Heroes, which are incredibly hard to kill, especially with bow/arrow.

    Edit: Fuck this 120 second delay between posts.
    Well get on MSN at least.

    The fucking Hive Workshop bro, like 9 Mods have been demote/and/or banned by Ralle, and the outrage is growing to a level beyond intense, Ralle even shut down chat.
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