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Feb 6, 2018
Jul 2, 2009


Hive's Long Lost, Male

rcshaggy was last seen:
Feb 6, 2018
    1. Xian
      Oh and Teron Gorefiend mdx file plz.. seems you forgot to paste it on the PM
    2. Xian
    3. Xian
      Aww.. sorry for the late reply,i will change it now,cause i was using iPad 2 for browsing and i can't edit the poster in iPad
    4. Ken-E
      I am still working on the spells for the two heroes you gave me. Just incase your doubting I forget what you've said.
    5. JollyD
      I will try to fix them. Rune is in needs fix section by moderator.
    6. Grey Nightmare
      Grey Nightmare
      Oh hi there :)
    7. Ken-E
      Alright, I'll work on that soon, gonna have lunch though.
    8. -Dieser-
      I finished of upload one icon :)
    9. Ken-E
      Make spells as in make one? or just suggest something to you?
      More names it is:
      Gnome Tinker - Belmourn, Gregas, Valkas.
      Goblin Alchemist - Gorby (eater egg to Gorb himself), Medrog Blackbrew, Ranzil.
    10. -Dieser-
      you're welcome :P
    11. Ken-E
      Goblin Alchemist - Fazzil Madbrew
      Gnomish Tinker - not really familiar with gnomes though. But how 'bout Meier/Meyer
      Forest Troll Warlord - Ul'din
    12. Ken-E
      Thanks, I was glad I could help. :)
    13. Ken-E
      Power Salve - works like a healing wave but instead of healing, it boosts attack/defense for a short amount of time
      Narcotic Rage - just like Unholy Frenzy but should increase damage to certain unit and drastic increase on attack speed and attack rate.
      Fire Bomb - toss a volatile compound that would instantly burn targeted units at the targeted area, dealing DMPS and Initial damage.
      Transmute - use the WC 3 Alchemist skill, buff it up a little
    14. Ken-E
      Gnomish Inventor:
      Emplace Turret: Sets a automatic gnomish gattling turret on the ground that would last for <insert duration>, each turret will deal <insert damage dealt>. It will maim crossing units with rapid bullets, for aslong as it takes hit, it will be slowed.
      Rearm: Probably like Tinker's DotA level 6 skill.
      Repair: professional gnomish engineering repairs everything thing in an instant, heals mechanical unit or building by <insert number>
      Seeker Rocket: shoots off a single rocket on a random target, that would slow down at first but once it detected enemy target, it would accelerate dealing damage.
      Gyro Swarm - release a full swarm of small gyrocopters that will shoot all hostile targets on the area, last for <insert duration>
    15. Ken-E
      Could you give me a link to the pictures of the hero models firsts, I need to get an idea from the models.
      Although here's my first idea,
      Greedy Concoction = Passive skill, the alchemist enchant's his weapons with a powerful concoction that would turn gold in each smite of attack to an enemy unit.
      Methodology: Use the orcish Pillage and set allowed target to enemy, units. And probably work on a damage system that would indicate amount of gold that it gains per hit.
    16. EloTheMan
      The pastebin is bugged, but now i got a working one :)
    17. Xian
      <span style="font-size: 26px">Click the Gift for the surprise!</span>
    18. Xian
      Ummm... bios for the mage plz
      Edit: didn't see that till i looked down
    19. -Dieser-
      fantastic! Canada is one of my favorite countries,
      you can speak french? :O
      I'm argentinian(I from argentina)
    20. -Dieser-
      hehehee,nice ;D
      Where are you from?
      You like the ponies? :O
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    Blood Elf
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    Blood Knights
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