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Last Activity:
Feb 6, 2018
Jul 2, 2009


Hive's Long Lost, Male

rcshaggy was last seen:
Feb 6, 2018
    1. Orcnet
      just started watching it, 12 is cool and 13 was a total lol :D
    2. Orcnet
      okay man, I'll let you know when I'm done :)
    3. JollyD
    4. Ken-E
      I couldn't come up with something clever or funny, and even if I did, it wouldn't be funny I suppose. :(
    5. Sin'dorei300
      Man, you received the PM that i sent you?
    6. Alfagar
      Yes, I am too about them
    7. -Dieser-
      Ohh :)
      I finished to upload one icon :D
    8. -Dieser-
      How are you? :3
    9. Ken-E
      lol! anyway, how's WoW: DoA doing?
    10. Ken-E
      I should've known 'she' had longer dick than mine... D:

    11. Alfagar
      It's draenei crystal-colour-shade-coloured, not pink! D:
    12. Xian
      Doing fine with the bios,only need the icons
    13. Orcnet
      I'm fine man :)
      also doing my map right now, wanna see a sneek peak? but its not yet done XD
    14. Brambleclaw
    15. Orcnet
      lol cool pic man, sorry for a late rep got busy with school and a map I'm making :D
    16. MiniMage
      The warlock? Sure. Although I added a few animations and tinkering with particle effects.
      Also working on a demon form and a portrait, will update the model soon enough though.

      It's currently 30kb bigger than the one uploaded on the hive. I'm still torn between if I should use a gignatic monkeylike demon with horns or if he should just transform into a nether drake. I thought about that one too.

      As for credit and stuff, you should not forget to not only credit me, but sunchips and vermillion too. Been tinkering with this model for months, the demon form about as much. Hm. But yeah, feel free to use the model as long as you credit me and the ones that helped this model come into existence. ;D

      Btw. those extra 30kb is just animations. Maybe I should have two versions? One trimmed down and one with all animations and crap. Becuase I have a feeling this model will be pretty big once I am done. ;S
    17. JollyD
      Batter late than never)
      Now i am 20 years old) , and you?
    18. Magtheridon96
      great :D
      I'm glad those units and races will be appearing in a playable map =p
    19. bowser499
      These icons are for Oasis and Desert 2 project ;)
      its for some russian kid who is making a mod or a game, I dont know, Peekay was working with them for 99% of the project, and then disappeared.

      The link is attached on every icon
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    Blood Elf
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    Blood Knights
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