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    What's your fav music

    [x] rock and pop sometimes metal too, depends on what mood i'm in
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    Wtf would blizzard put a 'fee' on WoW? (Poll included)

    [x] yes, it's fair, as wow needs much more traffic than diablo 2. besides of that, nearly all MMORPG have a fee.
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    Change in Maps

    the problem is: who should test all those maps? there would be at least 2 new mods needed, i guess
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    tree max

    normally max number of trees/destructibles is ~6100 (too lazy to open WE and look it up :wink: ). there exist some no-limit patches for the WE. btw, i think this thread belongs to the map-forum
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    it's impossible to change the portrait models ingame. besides of that, a map with such a feature would lag like hell. to your other ideas: animating isn't that easy. well, try yourself, start creating a rpg with your features.
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    Unsung Legends wants You!

    i think he meant he needs so. making spells for him :wink:
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    Give us a chance

    in my opinion unnecessary traffic spend. btw, who would downlaod crappy skins/whatever? when so. should need suggestions/help, he should post it in the forum.
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    Linking spells to upgrades

    yes, they work. i know it as i often forget to delete these equivalents and then have to change and retest my spells :wink:
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    spell ideas

    btw, also if u disable the "homing missile" field in object editor, the attacked unit takes damage :? ...the only way i could solve this problem is changeing the attack to siege
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    Monster Factory!

    he has quite sharp claws
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    Come help create a new mapping clan!

    i'm on realm Northrend (Europe) so i can't help u. besides of that, it's a little bit difficult to chat with americans because of the time shift
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    My "Jump of Might" Ability Help

    have u made sure that the warstomp doesn't need mana or some techtree-equiv.? Edit: and are u sure that cooldown is set to smaller than 1.00?
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    N33D trigger help

    it's a boolean comparison: unit is in region == true
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    What class will you be most of the time?

    [x] druid
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    I am Back...

    me 2, joined month's before u :wink: