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    (WIP) Silvermoon City

    Hey ! Thanks ! Just a quick update : I started this map all over again a month before 1.29 was announced, but ran into a few problems with my JNGP world editor so now I'm waiting for the next sharpcraft WEX update to continue working on it. I also did some small model edits to classic warcraft...
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    (Texture) 512x512 CityStructures.blp - faithful "HD" upscale

    Hello everyone ! I've noticed that the CityStructures.blp texture is used in many models when it comes to city-related models, wether they are "fan made" or "blizzard made", and that there's no HD textures for it that I know of. Since I don't know anything about texturing, I thought I could...
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    (WIP) Silvermoon City

    Done - sorry i'm not used to forums with attached files :D
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    (WIP) Silvermoon City

    Hey ! I've been working a little on it but it's really far from done. I'll continue during the year to come as I find more motivation to do so. In the mean time here are the tiles :
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    (WIP) Silvermoon City

    Thanks for the advices ! I kinda like the contrast right now, but i'm really not really satisfied with how flat everything is, and how it looks too much like WoW as you said. I like Silvermoon in Warcraft III too, because it's really green and full of life, so I think i'll work on making some...
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    (WIP) Silvermoon City

    Hello ! Some months ago I was working on making a good looking Silvermoon in warcraft with no WoW imports, and I managed to have something quite good looking. Sadly I gave up because I had no good looking tree that would fit the look. Last week, I found that Blood Oak Tree Texture - that is...
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    Custom texture makes WE crash

    Welp that was indeed a corrupted texture. Tried both Warcraft III viewer and an obscure tga to blp converter and both time the file ended up corrupted i guess. Thanks, for now on I shall be using this. :D
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    Custom texture makes WE crash

    Hello ! I'm trying to import recolored textures into a map, and everything works fine until I replace TerrainArt\Dalaran\Dalaran_SquareTiles.blp . Here's what I do : - import a custom cliff texture as ReplaceableTextures\Cliff\Cliff1.blp - save the level - close World Editor - open World...
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    Orc Buildings without walls

    Thanks a lot, just made these quick edits and it works perfectly. :)
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    Yeah, I've been a frequent visitor of the Hive for years now, and never used the forums until...

    Yeah, I've been a frequent visitor of the Hive for years now, and never used the forums until now. I sure will. :D
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    Orc Buildings without walls

    Hey there ! I'm looking for the orc buildings models for the Great Hall, Stronghold, Fortress, Barracks and Beastiary without the wooden walls surrounding them and without the dirt texture under them. ( said wooden walls ) I googled many times and couldn't...
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    Hey guys ! As you can see on this picture : , slopes have a different shape directly related to their "direction", making things quite ugly when it comes to non-natural terraining. Would it be possible to change how Warcraft III and the world editor handle...
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    Centered buildings

    Hi ! I've always enjoyed mapping cities and each time I've been really annoyed by the original buildings models. Here's a screenshot from two buildings (with custom skin obv) with their respective paths : You can see they're not centered on their pathing...
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    Greetings comrades. First of all, I warn you : I'm french so I may do some ( stupid ? ) english mistakes in my posts. So, I have to introduce myself to Hiveworskshop. ... Mmh... I'm a young men ( and a troll with pretty big Tusks !! ) who study IT at university. And... Well, that's all I...