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    Northrend Bound v1.85

    You should read the "Recommended Version" first before downloading the map. This map requires 1.30, which means you're going to need 1.30.4.
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    Daemonic Sword ORPG

    Please check the "Recommended Version" tag before downloading the map! This map ONLY WORKS for Warcraft III: Reforged Classic (1.32.10), so there is no way to play this map on non-Reforged WC3.
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    The Black Company Beta v1.5

    I'm not sure, but I can tell this map has no longer being updated several years ago. Furthermore, some maps/campaigns are incompatible with 1.31 because there are a lot of bugs you might encounter when playing with this version.
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    Quenching Mod (Latest v1.9)

    Try downloading the package manually from, as the author suggested. Remember to use the Manual Setup, so that you can download the zip package.
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    Malfurion's Quest v1.4b

    Read my post above. You are going to need the Classic 1.31.
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    WC3 Download Archive (1.00 - 1.31.1 + BETA & DEMO)

    You can't. PTR is already integrated in Reforged client, so if you attempt to start the game, it will auto-update to non-PTR version of Reforged.
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    Bug Report

    Don't worry, it's the game version. If you didn't face numerous bugs, you should not use the latest version (1.31), but the version that the author recommends (1.29.2).
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    Call of The Swarm

    I'm not sure, but I heard that the vision cheat on some campaigns prevents your heroes for gaining an experience because sometimes the enemy monsters on the specific location don't spawn normally. I've already tested it on Bonus Orc campaign, but not this one.
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    Path of the Damned Revamp

    Dude, please read the "Recommended Version" first. This map is for Reforged (1.32), so you can't play it on Classic.
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    Legends of Arkain True Story DEMO Go to "Game Files", then click on the link at "1.29.2" section.
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    Legends of Arkain True Story DEMO

    You could try 1.29 instead. 1.31 is prone for numerous bugs, including that item bug one.
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    [General] World Editor testing not in Nativefullscr and Direct3d9

    Check out this solution. It might help you: Patch 1.31.1 Backup Files To summarize, you'll have to save your own map first with World Editor, then start the game using this method: "C:\Games\Warcraft III\Warcraft III.exe" -graphicsapi Direct3D9 -loadfile "C:/Maps/TestMap.w3x".
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    Malfurion's Quest v1.4b

    Next time, you should check the "Recommended Version" first before downloading the campaign, as deepstrasz suggested.
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    The Scourge of Lordaeron Enhanced (MAJOR UPDATE)

    While this campaign was intended for the older versions (1.27), some chapters are only work on the latest version. Furthermore, updating your game to 1.29 or 1.31 will cause some campaigns to be unplayable because there were numerous bugs that's still present (i.e: Specific triggers are not...
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    First Human Book of Arkain (Patch 1.29.2 or newer!)

    I won't guarantee all custom campaigns, including this one, are playable on Reforged, regardless the Quenching Mod you have. If you still encounter problems, use the version as the author suggested.