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    Which version is better when creating a campaign? (2021)

    If the maps are saved on 1.32, it will probably not work on Classic versions due to the major technical changes between Reforged and Classic in World Editor.
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    Curse of the Forsaken v3.0.1

    I did not use Baidu to download most files but I can tell you, there is a problem when you download the file from Baidu because the browser tends you to register a new account, which is more difficult than Google Drive or OD (One Drive). You'll probably need a third-party software made by Baidu...
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    Rise of the Blood Elves Difficulty

    You can only reduce difficulty if you fail to complete the mission on all campaigns, including the vanilla one, assuming you've played on Hard Mode.
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    A detailed guide on how to use AutoHotKey can be found here: The definite Guide how to use Hotkeys in Warcraft 3 Although it has been updated to be compatible with Reforged, it should work on Classic, too. Just to remember: 1.The AHK file must be placed in Warcraft 3 directory (On Reforged, you...
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    [Campaign] Malfurion's Quest

    I don't know but maybe when the update comes out there is a potential chance it supports Reforged. However, you can use Quenching Mod for now.
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    There are two alternate solutions if you are going to swap the keys rather than using "CustomKeys.txt": AutoHotKey and Warkeys
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    I think this thread hasn't been updated yet, but I would say the directory of Warcraft 3 data has been changed since 1.28+. They are now stored in Documents. However, there is a guide about the Custom Keys for the latest Warcraft 3 version (including Reforged): Warcraft 3 Customkeys (QWER) Take...
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    Jeopardy of the Horde v3.2

    Google Chrome has known for the issue with the IDM integration, so Firefox would be a good option if you want to perform automatic download with IDM. Also, you can configure the IDM so that it automatically downloads W3N as seen on the picture.
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    Jeopardy of the Horde v3.2

    I have the same problem. It looks like HIVE's download system has been changed several weeks ago so that when you download something it will start countdown before redirects you to the previous page (the download page confirmation would be appear shortly). However, you can try installing...
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    Malfurion's Quest v1.4b

    Currently, Quenching Mod is the only solution if you want to play the custom campaign on Reforged. However, some "protected" campaigns don't work on Reforged.
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    Can open world editor warcraft 3 after installation warcraft 3 reforged ? You'll have to delete the registry key for the World Editor so that Classic WE is openable. The easiest solution would be to delete the "Tool Window" item.
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    The Chosen Ones 1.0

    There are some campaigns that don't support the Quenching Mod because of the common bugs, so it's not recommended unless you are using the older versions of WC3, which is more stable.
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    Patch 1.31.1 Backup Files

    Wow, the question is too long for me to give the actual solution, but I would say if your campaign or map is not visible in-game, this means your download is corrupted or you just placed the file on the correct path. Make sure the directory of Warcraft III document folder goes like this (take a...
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    Shadows of Hatred v2.2.2 (Patch 1.30)

    Thank you for the small update. I hope some people won't suffer Magtheridon bug.
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    Monolith Custom Map Versions

    You don't need relying the CASC because any custom maps (non-Blizzard) are made using MPQ. All localized files (non-English) are saved in the unique folder called "_Locales" as long as you have 1.31+ or even Reforged: When you open one of those files, you'll see a single "war3map.wts" file...